My office environment is a bit different. My co-workers are two very hairy beings that prefer to lie on the floor on either side of me and occasionally lick me to get my attention. My main interruptions are the sounds of the doorbell ringing or when Michael rings in.

I work from home, which sounds great, because, well, it is. I am one of those people that like to get up as early as possible and get things done. But my office technically isn't just at home, it's wherever I am. Because I work in social media and marketing, I need to have the tools on hand to be able to respond quickly.
Luckily, I have the HP Stream tablet with Intel Inside®. It's light weight, easy to use,  I can take it with me everywhere since there is Free 4G data right out of the box. That means if there's no Wi-Fi, it's no problem! This is especially important if I'm outdoors or need to pull up something quickly for a client.

The HP Stream is a new kind of tablet with Intel Inside. I have 1 TB of cloud storage for a year as well as Office 365. That means I can access all of my Word, Outlook, Excel and even Powerpoint documents on my tablet. I've never seen a tablet do that before.
I remember I had an emergency and had to get a presentation to the client quickly. My hands were tied since I was an hour away from home with no laptop. I didn't know what to do. But my problems are solved with this slim tablet I can take everywhere. It's a tablet I can count on since it's the HP stream has the built-in Intel Inside® processor. 
I can take my tablet with me to the mall, the gym, coffee shops, and of course my favorite #WorkFromHappyPlace, the couch. 

With the HP Stream I can take my work and my projects with me. All in a professional looking and easy to use HP device!

This post is sponsored by Hp and Intel but all opinions are my own.