You know what I love? A good ol' fashioned “about me” post. But this one is a bit different. I may get a little weird on you, because you know, that's me. Or maybe you don't, and if not, this should explain.

Since I have newbies around, let me give you a quick run down. I was born on January 14th… just kidding. This isn't a life story. But I was, and I was raised by two extremely high spirited parents who taught me that I could do whatever I wanted. And I've taken that to heart. 

I married Michael (almost) five years ago — my high school sweetheart. Last year, after living in Dallas our whole lives, we decided to move to Nashville. Last weekend someone in Nashville asked me why. My answer? For fun. I'd like to think I have an adventurous spirit. But the best way to know me is to know what I love. So today, here are a few things I LIVE for.

Electronic music
I love music in general. It is truly a huge part of my life. And I like all kinds of music. With the exception of “screamo,” I can appreciate most music. But electronic music just does something to my soul. It's uplifting and enchanting and makes you want to dance. You just can't go wrong.

I think dancing and music go hand in hand. I dance everyday. Maybe only for five minutes when my jam comes on. Or for a full on hour at a bar without care. I'm not saying I'm the best dancer but I have been known to break it down. For reference, see: that time I danced on a cruise ship (also includes a video… be warned).

I really cannot think of anything more fun in the world than an exceptional concert. The mood and vibes tend to be better than anywhere else. My favorite of all time? Tomorrowland

Really great books 
Lately, I'm reading two at a time. One is audio (y'all Audible is the best thing ever) and one's an actual book. I'm currently reading the Harry Potter series. I am SUPER late to the game since I've never read them before! I'm obsessed. Here are 5 of my favorites.
You know how some people have a list of baby names for their kids stored somewhere? I don't have that. But I do have a list of names of potential characters in my unwritten novels. They are names such as: Reggie, Penelope, and Liza. This is a very important document that I open often. I'm perpetually writing a novel.

I strongly believe in a great bold, matte lipstick. At any point in time I have no less than seven various shades in my bag, just in case. Currently: this, this, this, this, this, and one in every color of these. (Seriously).

Painting My Nails
I paint my nails at least once a week and I always have polish on, unless I have one chip, then I remove all nail lacquer at all costs. I'll sit there and just peel it all off. I do my nails at home with a gel kit and now I see no reason to ever go and spend the money to get my nails done ever again.

Michael and I travel a lot but we try to figure out how to also travel with the dogs. Including flying. Hugo and Millie might as well be our children. If you want to look cute and give back, this t-shirt supports dogs (20% back to animal shelters!) and is super comfy.

I think you learn so much about yourself and who you're with when travel. It brings out the good (and bad). I think everyone should take one big trip, all on your own, before you marry that person. If you can travel to Asia with them on a 22 hour plane ride, and get sick, while still having fun, you know you're with the right person.

It's not often that I get all sappy about Michael on the blog. He drives me nuts, his hair often looks like palm trees have sprouted from his head, and he wears clothes with holes in them more often than not. But he's a genuinely good person. He cares about others and he puts me first. As we're about to make some big life decisions, there's no one I'd rather have by my side.

What are the things you live for?

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