Music has always been a passion of mine. This was instilled in me by my mom at a very young age when she instructed me on the classics and would often quiz me. “Helene, who's singing?” I would bite my lower lip and listen until my eyes would light up and finally shout the answer. “Etta James!” or “Eric Clapton!” “The Beatles!

My mom's love of music doesn't just stop at listening, but also experiencing it too. This weekend we both went to separate music festivals. My mom went to New Orleans Jazz Festival and I went to cover Euphoria Music Festival in Austin.
This time, I was passing on some of my music passion with my little sister. I brought her to the festival and we had a blast running around the Carson Creek Ranch festival grounds. 

She is tiny, I am not. But I put up with her anyway :).

Euphoria has 3 stages: Mainstage, a tent, and included one on the water. There was also a silent disco and art you could purchase.

Main Stage
Dragonfly Amphitheater

What I love about music festivals is discovering new artists you fall in love with. The Motet did just that for me. They hail from Colorado and their funky live set had absolutely everyone dancing. The singer's voice was so electrifying and fun.

But my absolute favorite act was Gareth Emery. His set was incredible and beautiful. He played his own music mixing in popular tracks like “Summertime Sadness” and “If I Lose Myself”. I was supposed to get to interview him after his set but his management team decided he wouldn't be doing any interviews. Oh well.

We spent the rest of the festival dancing the night away and having some fun sister time.

Overall, Euphoria was an enigmatic experience. Full of great music, art, local vendors and down to earth people. I will definitely be back next year.

Everyone has different hobbies and passions that leads to do different things.Music is mine. And I intend to follow it wherever I go.
What do you live for?

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