I haven't talked about this much on the blog, but this move has been more stressful than anticipated. Over July 4th weekend we went and saw a lot of properties. At least a dozen. Some we liked, some we hated, and some we were ready to rent. We didn't quite realize how crazy the rental market is in Nashville.

After I posted this photo on Instagram I got A LOT of questions about these prints. My friend got this for me as a going away present on an Etsy site called TreadStudios. She does lots of different cities and will even do custom and they are not expensive! ALSO, 25% goes to charity. Win-win! Stock up, y'all!

We took less than 48 hours to make a decision on where to live and learned that ALL of the properties we loved, and even the ones we liked, were now gone. It was back to the drawing board. We spent almost every night researching properties and trying to figure out if these places would be liveable, site unseen.

It was kind of daunting. We'd spend hours on Trulia, looking at crime reports. We'd look at Google Maps and Google Earth to determine the proximity to major highways (we want to be close but not to where we can hear it), train tracks (we looked at one place right on the tracks which tended to blow at 2am in the morning), and nearness to water (the closer, the better).

This past weekend we got nervous. We spent time getting rid of things and giving our parents some things to hold on to. Our friends threw us a little going away party on Saturday night, and it was very bittersweet. The party was full of drinking games, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, and the ominous fact that we still had no place to live.

Sunday we woke up to find out we were turned down from a property: they decided they didn't want pets after all. Even though we went through all the paperwork, sent in a check for background checks, they all of a sudden changed their minds. We were really worried.

On Monday, Michael did everything he could to help secure a place we were really crossing out fingers about. This was a gorgeous townhouse with all the amenities and was walking distance (or as I say because it's less than walking distance it's so close, “skipping distance”) to the lake and park.

At 3:15pm yesterday he called me: we got the house!

Here's a picture of the property:

Not our cars, or my picture. Going to this house will be the first time we ever see it, when we move in!

This will be our house! 214 is a Dallas area code, a very good sign if you ask me. Yes, we've actually never been inside but from the pictures online and our research it looks as good as it gets. We're just thrilled we have a place at this point. I can't wait to see it August 1st. Now, on to find some tenants to live in our house and pack everything. Should be a piece of cake… right?

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