I love getting to talk to the actual people who put together the music we love. Today I am talking to Live For The Weekend. Their song on Spotify “I Don't Know Why” has been getting a lot of play, as it should. It's a catchy tune and they are proving- they're here to stay.

How did you get involved in the music scene?
kind of grow into the edm/house music. Avicii & Swedish house mafia
inspired us to compose our own house music. Live for the weekend
started after a party at a common friend. We didn't know each other
before and started to talk about music, then house music and our songs.
We then decided to start up a producer/dj duo and the result is Live for
the weekend.
What do you like about the music festival Tomorrowland, since your song/video “I Don't Know Why” is a tribute to the festival.
seems like and awesome experience, and we love to go there when we can
afford it. One of us is a student and the other one is working part
time, but we are saving for future festivals.
Is there an artist you would like to work with?
We would have to say Avicii, Hardwell and the members of Swedish house mafia. That would be a dream come true!
What's your favorite song out right now?
We are very happy with “I don't know why”, but “Like it's Friday” is also good, but in a different way.
Favorite social media: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or something else)?
Number one is definitely Facebook at this moment and here are some links to us on social medias:
What's a pet peeve of yours about the music scene?
That the music scene is always changing. This requires a lot of luck and timing, which influences on new tracks popularity.
What's your goal for your music career?
Our main goal/dream right now is to play at a arena/festival. “If you can dream it you can do it – Walt Disney”.
Where can we find you in the future?
Hopefully at major arenas/festivals and we are working hard to get closer to our future goals.

I've added their new song to my Weekend playlist on Spotify!

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