Recaps, recaps everywhere. Don't like them? You've come to the wrong place. Today I wanted to recap my top posts of the year. I always love looking at this, to see what posts really made any sort of impact. I've broken it down by pageviews along with some thoughts about why I think they made it to the top.

10. I always enjoy writing posts about blogging, but my most viewed post was What Companies Are Looking for in a Blogger. I've been lucky enough to work with some pretty cool brands, you should too.

9. In August I was a little bit more than peeved when Bloglovin‘ announced their annual rewards. It was pretty much only fashion bloggers. So I wrote a little rant

8. My favorite subject to post about made the top 10. I get a lot of hits from people researching for Tomorrowland but usually it's my “How to Get To Tomorrowland” posts. This year it focused on my actual review of the festival.

7 & 6. Michael and I celebrated our 10 year dating anniversary this year. I've written a lot about relationships lately, but the one to seem to get the most buzz was Why We Didn't Live Together Before Marriage. A little bit controversial, but just my perspective. Second on the relationship spectrum was my post titled “I Have An Open Relationship.” this post received 110 comments.

5. I'm still on the fence about having kids, but when an article surfaced about how non-parents should talk to parents, I had to respond.

4. My favorite part of the year is when I get to travel over seas. We do it really really cheap. I explained How We Save Money and still live our lives. This one was shared on pinterest a few hundred times as well.

3. Plenty of people have thoughts on what we shouldn't do at a certain age. But I feel pretty strongly about 27 things you SHOULD do when you turn 27. My 28th is just around the corner (January 14th!)

2. I shared 25 Signs You went To Ursuline Academy (my high school) and they reciprocated by sharing it on the school's website. Then my fellow Ursuline grads shared the post as well. Basically, sharing is caring.

1. Of course number one is My Face is a Viral Meme. I was in Vegas for a friend's bachelorette party and woke up to quite a few emails and messages about my picture being used as a meme. To be honest, it's pretty funny it happened, I just can't believe it did!

None of these are my funny posts… dangit! Going to work on that in 2015 so you can see how funny I really am. Or not.