Lately, I've seen some articles (this one in particular) about how people with kids are tired of hearing certain things from people without munchkins. I know, I know, we don't get it. But maybe, possibly, you're forgetting what it's like to not have kids. There are different stresses but stress none the less. I love kids but I don't want them right now and I don't see that there's anything wrong with saying that. I'm not going to be mad if you tell me you don't want to go to Europe or that you don't want to own a home. That's not offending me.

1. Dogs aren't kids.  I know they aren't your kids anymore, but they sure as heck feel like mine! No, I'm not saying your kids and my dogs are the same exact level of responsibility. But I love them a lot and I really, I'm just trying to relate to your having kids.

2. When are you ever going to have kids? Maybe never. I understand you can't believe that since having a child changed your life, but for me it might not be in the cards. I worry that you won't want to be my friend because I won't have them. Shouldn't it be okay not to have them?

3. You have no idea what it's like. You don't say! Well, I see that I might not know 100% but that doesn't mean I don't care. I'm sure you are juggling a lot, I know I don't know what child birth is like, but I can try to be there for you and understand. Plus… I did help raise my little sisters and I was an awesome babysitter.

4. My life before kids was unfulfilling. So is my life unfulfilling?

5. When you have kids you'll understand. In the same that it bothers you that a non-parent would tell you how to raise your kids, don't tell us that we just don't understand.

6. So… I can't bring my kid? No! I told you specifically they can't come. When I tell you it's because I mean it and it's not be mean it's just not appropriate for this occurrence. Unless otherwise noted they're always welcome.

7. I can't do that anymore. This might be case by case basis but you can definitely still go out occasionally. It will feel good. And no, I'm not expecting you to say yes every time. But 1% of the time would be nice.

8. You don't want to come, it will be mostly kids. Just because I don't have kids doesn't mean I don't like kids! Big events in their life are big events in your life and I'd like to be there for it. Please invite me.

9. We're late because of the kids. Okay, someone threw up. Sure, once in a while. Every time? Don't blame your kids. You're a late person.

10. We just don't relate anymore. That's pretty sad. I think we do. Just because we don't have kids does not mean we have to stop being friends!

Do you agree? What are you tired of hearing? If you're a parent- what are your thoughts?

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