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Late Thursday night I decided I didn't want to take my pain meds for my broken ankle and leg. Why? Oh, because they make me nauseated. I take nausea medicine but now that's making my hair fall out. Be jealous of my sweet life. 

Let me tell you what I was like the past 72 hours.
Weird as shit.
Like crazy.
I would be exhausted and go to sleep at 9:00pm and wake up at midnight and bounce around like I was on crack. Is that what people do when they're on crack?
When I was sleeping I said weird things. Apparently I said “Jack Knife my car and I will make you cry peanuts!” and “I ate cotton candy upside down today”
I wanted to eat Golden Grahms like a mofo. Side note, I don't remember the last time I've eaten the GGs. And no I'm not preggers.
I heated things up in the microwave and put the time at 64 seconds. Why not 1:04? Is that even a valid time? Why not just a minute? When the timer went off I thought: Who's at the front door?! No one, Helene, it's the microwave not a doorbell.

I also felt it necessary to sit outside with my shirt off, I felt more alive, I told my husband.
I watched Home Alone 3 times (which actually isn't crazy in my opinion).

But I did look exactly like this while doing it.

I also discovered I like cats. Well A cat.
The one non- crazy thing I did this weekend was go to my friend's for dinner.
And fell in love with this sweetie.

P.S. I haven't showered.
It's ok. I am over here behind a computer screen.