I would consider myself an active person. Whether it's rock climbing, hosting a small dinner party, happy hour with the girls or making a new recipe from the Pioneer Woman. On the weekends it's weddings, baby showers, doubles tennis tournaments and camping adventures. I can do none of the above. (For how I broke my ankle go here).

So I am completely out of my comfort zone sitting and twiddling my thumbs all day. Here's what I do.

-my online shopping habit is out of control

               Exhibit A.                     B.(screen protector)                 C.                                  and D.

-I put pictures like this on Instagram…

….when I used to post this

Look at all the fun I am having.

-I constantly bother Siri with random questions

-I bedazzled my crutches.

Ok that's obviously not me. But maybe if I was famous I dabble in beddazling.

*I started feeling sorry for myself. I felt jealous of others going out and having all the fun while I sat at home. Then I got a package in the mail.

My friend sent me the cutest card I've ever seen, lotion (which I needed desperately), a super soft sleep shirt, polka dot PJ pants, and a sweet picture of my husband and I and her cutest-thing-ever-you-just-want-to-eat-him son, Hank.

And you know what? 

I realized that I was being selfish. I have the most wonderful people surrounding me that make each and every day so great. I started to make this post before she sent me this package and it totally changed my whole view around. That picture above with me dancing? That's the friend that sent the package- life has a funny way of sneaking up on you.

So that's my wonderful weekend, how was yours?