I can't believe it's April. But that does mean we are getting closer and closer to nicer weather.
Although, this weekend was pretty nice.
I had a very relaxing Easter weekend. 
Here are some highlights:
Before                                                     After
You can't really tell in this picture but I cut 4 inches off my hair. 
Sunday was spent with my family. 
Every year my mom makes us Easter baskets full of goodies (and money). 
And it's tradition every year to color Easter eggs. Four years ago, I made one with engagement rings on it because I was mad Michael wasn't proposing. He proposed the next day. He didn't know about the egg.
This year I made one of our family, including the dogs.
I know, I'm really good at drawing.
We went to Church and got a family photo. 
My sisters may look taller than me, but that's only because they are wearing heels and I'm not. I'm like a whole 2 inches taller, ok?
After stuffing our faces with enough chocolate for the year, Michael and I went on a bike ride.
So happy Easter and April!
How was your weekend?
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