Ok, I like blog hops. Hell, I started one. But I HATE when people write “follows back” when they submit their link. SO WHAT?! I am not even going to give you the honor of looking at your blog. Know why? because I want people to follow me because they WANT to. Because they LIKE what I got to say. 

Do y'all feel me on this?
or Am I about to lose some followers? 
Please only follow the peeps you are going to read. I read LOTS of blogs. And comment on lots. sometimes I get backed up but the blogs, but I follow because I wanna. And I truly read what they say. 
And if you do then:
#nofbb (no follows back bloggers, I am smart I know)
Helene, stop hash tagging.
sorry I also might have multiple personalities. 
But you know what, it's the weekend so…
This just makes me want to sing in a Gwen Stefani voice “I ain't no follow back girl…” Credit to Rachel on this gem.