Weekend playlist time, let's not waste one minute and get to it.

1. Chardy “S.W.A.T.”

If you want to jump around or get the motivation to “go” this song will definitely do that. Or if you're having a bet on who can drink a beer the fastest you could use this song as well.

2. First State & Sarah Howells “Seeing Stars”

Want a pretty song to listen to while looking off into the distance? Of course you do. This is such a sweet song that gives me butterflies. About halfway through it really starts get going. And instead of looking off into the distance you're dancing around.

3. Buku “All Deez”

I love trap music (basically means a mix of hip hop and heavy on bass) but when it's not done right it sounds terrible. This is not the case. This just makes me want to bounce.

4. Hardwell, Dyro ft. Bright Lights “Never Say Goodbye”

Hardwell is becoming one of my favorite DJs more and more. (As he should, he was named the #1 DJ by DJ Mag) but he consistently proves it with tracks like “Never Say Goodbye.” I just never know what to expect from him and he always keeps me wanting more.

5. Keys N Krates “Treat Me Right”

This is a perfect party song. Really it's a perfect life song. and on that note I'm going to stop at 5 songs this week.

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