Where should you travel in 2023?! I have 23 of the best places to travel in 2023.

Have you seen the lists of the best places to travel in 2023? Some of the larger publications left me scratching my head. For example, Travel and Leisure listed Houston, Texas as one of the top places to travel in 2023. I'M CONFUSED. Then I realized that many places were paying to be on this list. So here I am, making my own, very unbiased, and very much not sponsored list of the best place to travel in 2023.

The last few years were very tough on travel, so if you're ready to hit the ground running, this list is ready for you!

Travel is always a good idea, but deciding where to go can be overwhelming. With so many options, it's hard to know which destination will suit you best. To help make your decision easier, I've compiled a list of the best places to travel in 2023. From natural wonders and cultural experiences to thrilling adventures and beach getaways

I've got 23 places to travel in 2023!

Best Places to Travel 2023

Charleston, South Carolina

Life is easier when you gallivant the streets of Charleston, food tastes better, and the abundant sunshine punctuates the elaborate homes and awe-inspiring trees. From the stunning, historical homes and churches, to the “Low Country” food, Charleston has something for everyone. Be sure to check out the market downtown for fresh produce, seafood, and handmade crafts. Huge live oaks sway with hanging moss. With beaches, food, and history, this city really has it all.

When to visit: Fall or Spring

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Banff, Canada

Canada is an adventurer's paradise. But Banff is extra special. The Powerade colored mountain lakes, the glaciers that tower over you, and then there's the hot springs. There's plenty of hiking trails in the summer and skiing in the winter. Get your adrenaline pumping with a whitewater rafting trip or take in some of Canada's most beautiful landscapes from atop a mountain hike like Larch Valley at Lake Moraine. Just don't forget to bring your camera for all those beautiful pictures.

When to visit: Opt for Fall to see the larches turn gold

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Slovenia is SO underrated. It's a small country, but it packs in plenty of adventure and beauty. From the breath-taking Julian Alps and Triglav National Park to meandering rivers, rolling hills and majestic castles, Slovenia has something for every type of explorer. Soak up some culture at the capital city of Ljubljana or head to the coast to explore Piran and its Venetian-style buildings. If you're more of an adrenaline junkie, try canyoning down the Soča River or take a zip line through the trees at Krvavec.

When to visit: Anytime but summers can be quite hot!

London, England

Alright, so you've been to London? Me too. Dozens of times. The beauty is that it never, ever gets old. London is simultaneous steeped in old, historical mysteries and burgeoning with innovation. There's always something new, or something old you need to give a second glance. It's like walking in a living museum. The pub names are funny, the buildings mesmerizing, and the history here unmatched. You can go to a play in the West End at night and in the morning learn why King Henry the 8th cut off someone's head at the Tower of London. Then go shopping and have high tea on Regent's Street. Or, you can easily hop on a train or grab a car and in an hour's drive you're completely out of the city and in the countryside. The UK has seen some interesting changes lately, there's a new King and all. And I think giving London another look is right for 2023.

When to visit: There's really not a bad time, but summer can get quite busy and hot!

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Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is the place to go when you want to relax, enjoy some warm weather and explore Arizona's majestic desert. From hiking in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, to stargazing at night, this city is the perfect escape for a girl's trip or a romantic getaway. Explore the Sonoran Desert for a day and take in all the unique cacti and wildlife it has to offer. Or, head downtown for some upscale shopping and dining. There are also plenty of golf courses in the area if you're looking for a relaxing round or two. And don't forget to try out the city's renowned spa treatments!

When to visit: November – April

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Edinburgh, Scotland

I re-read all the Harry Potter books and went to Edinburgh twice this past year. I can tell you, no other city on earth feels like Hogwarts quite like Edinburgh. And that's clear when you take a Harry Potter walking tour and learn all the haunts that J.K. Rowling spent time in to compose the series. But, of course, there's so much more to it than that. Built across seven hills that are extinct volcanoes, and overlooking the North Sea, there are few places that combine stark natural beauty and striking architectural grandeur so seamlessly. In the Old Town, you’ll find cobblestone lanes with pastel colored buildings topped with castles. In the New Town, there are wide Georgian boulevards, restaurants and boutiques. In August, Edinburgh hosts the Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe Festival. You might think you're looking at the Quidditch pitch with all the flags flying.

When to Visit: Summer and Spring

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Arches National Park, Utah

Want to feel like you're on another planet? Head to Utah. And makes sure you go to Arches. Arches National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Located in southern Utah, this national park features more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches. In addition to these spectacular formations, there are also other red rock wonders such as spires, balanced rocks and fins. Visitors can explore trails from easy to strenuous and take in the sweeping views of the La Sal Mountains as they hike. For those who want more adventure, you can explore rock formations like Balanced Rock, Devils Garden and Delicate Arch.

When to visit: Spring or Fall for milder temperatures and fewer crowds.

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Marrakesh, Morrocco

Marrakesh is an exotic place, thought to be the most magical city in Morocco. And it’s a great getaway for those who want to experience a bit of North African culture and history. From the iconic Jemaa el-Fnaa square lined with shops and vendors, to the largest traditional market in Morocco – the souks, Marrakesh is a city of diversity and wonder. Not to mention the beautiful buildings like Bahia Palace and Koutoubia Mosque. But there's more than just culture in this charming city – it’s also home to some incredible cuisine that can't be missed. Head to Le Jardin Majorelle for some delightful Moroccan dishes, or explore the food stalls in Djemaa el-Fnaa for some delicious street food.

When to visit: April to October

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to explore in Asia. This city is filled with temples and cultural sites, which makes it an amazing spot for culture vultures or those looking for some spiritual healing. Stroll through the historic city walls, wander around the night bazaar and visit Wat Phra Singh or Wat Chedi Luang temples. Or, take a cooking class to learn how to make some of Thailand's most delicious dishes. If you're looking for adventure, there are plenty of chances to go trekking and explore the picturesque countryside with its lush green rice paddies and beautiful waterfalls.

When to visit: November-March for milder temperatures and fewer crowds.

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Bend, Oregon

Bend is a charming city in Oregon known for its outdoor recreation. Situated on the Deschutes River, this small city offers some of the best hiking and mountain biking trails. There are numerous parks and gardens to explore. Plus, Bend has a vibrant downtown area with plenty of eateries and craft breweries. Other activities include kayaking, fishing and rock climbing. We floated the river in Bend this past year and absolutely loved it. I was also thrilled with all the great cuisine. And don't forget to take a stroll along the banks of the Deschutes River to take in all of Bend's natural beauty.

When to visit: April-October

Hvar, Croatia

It's no secret that Croatia is one of my favorite countries in the world, but many flock to Dubrovnik and forget Hvar. It's a beautiful island with crystal clear waters, lush green hills and a stunning coastline. Hvar is one of the sunniest places in Croatia, making it an ideal spot for beachgoers. Plus, if you're looking for culture there are plenty of churches and cathedrals to explore as well as a plethora of boutique shops and restaurants. Don't forget to take a day trip to one of the nearby islands for some snorkeling and swimming.

When to visit: May-September

Conway, New Hampshire

New England in the Fall might be one of my favorite places on earth, and I adore Conway. Located right outside the famous scenic drive, the Kancamangus Highway, and known for it's railroad, Conway is just the perfect little town to explore. As you stroll through downtown, take a peek inside some of the unique shops and galleries. In addition to the many hiking trails in the area, Conway is also known for its ski resorts and snowmobiling trails. There's plenty of options for both winter and summer activities, so it makes an ideal spot no matter what time of year you go.

When to visit: Fall is best! May-September

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Bermuda is a must visit for anyone looking for a true island experience. This small British enclave in the middle of the Atlantic is made up of more than 100 islands, each with their own unique charm and beauty. There are some amazing beaches to explore, but there's so much more to do here. Take a day trip out to the Crystal Caves or explore the old forts. Plus, don't forget to check out some of the local restaurants and pubs for a true taste of Bermuda.

When to visit: April-October

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Wilder Kaiser, Austria

A snow globe come to life! The Austrian alps are some of the best mountain scenery in the whole world, and Austria is such a rare treasure. Cheaper than Switzerland, but also friendlier, you'll find so much to see and do in this region. Wilder Kaiser is particularly special, with its stunning mountain backdrop. It's probably best for winter sports fans, however there are plenty of summer activities too. There are festivals in the spring and summer and skiing and sledding in the winter. Truly, there's never a bad time. Check out the cow festival in the spring!

When to visit: December-March (for winter sports) or April-September

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Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the world and should be high on your travel list. Located in northern Vietnam, this natural wonder is made up of more than 1,600 islands and limestone formations that jut out from the emerald waters below. The area has become a tourist hotspot, with kayak tours, cave explorations and even cruises through the bay. And don't forget to try some local Vietnamese food in one of the many floating restaurants. We took a boat tour and it was an incredible way to see Halong Bay!

When to visit: April-November

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Munich, Germany

I think of Munich as the gem of Germany. It's a beautiful city filled with history, it's close to the alps, and the Bavarian culture is top notch. Of course, it's known as the place to be for Oktoberfest, but it's incredible all year round! Take a stroll through Marienplatz and admire the stunning architecture, then check out some of the nearby parks like Englischer Garten or Nymphenburg Palace for a taste of nature. Munich has some of the best beer gardens in all of Germany and you can take one of the many famous bike tours to explore the city.

When to visit: April-October

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Cotswolds, England

An actual fairytale, come to life! The Cotswolds is a beautiful region in southern England. Rolling hills, quaint villages and honey-coloured stone make up this picturesque area. There are a variety of outdoor activities here such as fishing, hiking and cycling or you can explore the many historic sites such as Stroudwater Canal and Blenheim Palace. Or if you're looking for something a bit more relaxed, there are plenty of pubs and tea rooms in the area or you could just take a leisurely stroll through the countryside.

When to visit: Spring for milder temperatures and stunning blooming wildflowers.

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Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is the perfect Italian beach getaway. With its stunning coastlines and crystal blue waters, it's easy to see why it's a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. The islands offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation and adventure. Spend the day sunbathing on one of the many white-sand beaches or explore the historic hilltop towns and castles. And don't forget to try some of the delicious local cuisine! I was especially intrigued with the Dip-n-Dots sized sand on one of the beaches! Whether you come for the beaches or for the culture, you won't be disappointed by what Sardinia has to offer. I recommend renting a car to explore the island and leave time for Corsica, France!

When to visit: May-September

Corsica, France

Located right next to Sardinia, we took the ferry over to explore Corsica, France! This stunning island is home to incredible landscapes and charming, small towns. From hiking in the hills of Balagne to swimming in Mediterranean Sea, there's something for everyone. Plus, it's also a great place to sample local seafood or just enjoy some good French wine! Birthplace of Napoleon, you'll find decadent French cuisine and lots of island quirks that make this island wonderful to explore. Don't miss out on exploring Calvi or spending a day in one of the many nature reserves!

When to visit: May-September

Leavenworth, Washington

Go to Europe without leaving the USA! For those looking for a unique experience, the Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth is worth checking out. Located in Washington state, this small town looks like you've stepped into Germany! Enjoy some traditional German food and beer, take part in Oktoberfest celebrations or go hiking and fishing on one of the nearby trails. There's also lots of winter sports to enjoy like skiing and snowshoeing. This is a great spot for those looking for a unique travel experience.

When to visit: April-November

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Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri a city located at the base of Eyjafjörður Fjord in northern Iceland! This city is home to some of the most spectacular natural wonders, from glaciers and waterfalls to volcanic hot springs. You can also whale watch in the town's harbor or explore some of its famous museums and art galleries. Plus, all around Reykjavík are unique little towns with cozy cafes, beautiful churches and stunning landscapes. Whether you take a day trip outside of town or spend the week exploring, Reykjavík is truly a must-see destination.

When to visit: April-July and September-October

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Broken Bow, Oklahoma

A hidden gem!! Broken Bow is a small town in Oklahoma that's quickly gaining popularity. It's known for its beautiful landscape, with rivers, forests and lakes. Plus, there are tons of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, boating and more. There's also tons of great restaurants, bars, and even a winery! Plus, you'll find the coolest cabin to stay in! Misty Blue is our luxury cabin that's the perfect getaway.


My top pick for the YEAR! Jordan is a true oasis in the Middle East. It's home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes, from the vast deserts to its beautiful mountains and architecture. You can explore Petra, one of the world's oldest cities, or take a dip in The Dead Sea – an experience you won't forget! Jordan also has some incredible diving sites like the Red Sea, along with amazing local food. I recommend going on a group tour, read about my experience here!

When to visit: March-May and October-November

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Overall, there are so many great destinations for travelers in 2023! From white sand beaches of Sardinia to the stunning landscapes of Jordan, there's something for everyone. I hope this guide helped you find your next travel destination! Happy Travels!

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