Have you ever gone somewhere and realized you had to go back. No matter if you were there for 8 weeks or just one night, you need to go back to relive the splendor and magic of the city. When I made my travel bucket list, I knew that I had to go back to some of the places I'd already crossed off my list.

I decided to skip the USA for this list and just focus on destinations outside of America.
Here are 7 places I'd like to travel back to:

1. Paris
I cried the day we left Paris I wanted to stay so bad. I just want to sit around, drinking wine, eating cheese and bread and watch the Eiffel tower light up.

2. London
I was really fortunate to have been in London 6 separate times, each a fairly lengthy stay. My parents were professors and taught a study abroad program over there. Even though I've seen everything 3 times, there's always something new to discover.

3. Santorini
I only spent 12 hours in Santorini last summer. It was speedy tourism at it's finest. The island off the coast of Greece was absolutely breathtaking with white roofs and the blue, clear sea.

4. Amsterdam
The people were kind and generous, the atmosphere was cool and fun, the scenery was beautiful, and the food was delicious. If I were to ever live in Europe, I would consider moving here.

5. Prague
Prague feels like you've stepped inside a faraway time, or maybe even a fairytale. Everything is picturesque and ornate.

6.  Jamaica
I was astounded by the beauty of the beaches coupled with the lush greenery. I also really enjoyed their culture. For a country that is so poor they seem like incredibly happy people.

7. Brussels
I loved all the cities I stayed in within Belgium. Brussels was bustling with history, art, and people.

In reality, I could go back to everywhere I've been. But I'll stick with these for now. What's one place you'd like to go back to?