Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year: cooler weather, cute clothes, and trick-or-treating. But on top of that you also get to decorate for Halloween! This year I decorated my house in an all-out Harry Potter Halloween theme.

After sharing my pictures on Instagram, I got tons of questions about the floating candles, my DIY pillows and more! Here are my Harry Potter Halloween decorations that you can easily recreate. As a Harry Potter fan, I thought it would be fun to add some of my favorite scenes from the books.

Halloween reminds me of dressing up as a witch as a kid, and what better way to celebrate as an adult than with Harry Potter? Especially since there are so many magical (and cheap) ways to add some spooky aspects to your home. Using your imagination and Amazon you can make it feel like you’re stepping through platform 9 3/4.

Harry Potter Halloween Decor Ideas

Harry Potter Floating Candles

One of my favorite scenes is inside Hogwarts in the Great Hall, with the floating candles when they sing “Double Double Toil and Trouble.” It’s such a beautiful scene in the movie and having the warm floating candles in my home felt like I was just about to hear from the sorting hat to discover which house I might be in.

To make the floating candles I bought these LED lights from Amazon. I also purchased a big box of batteries, fishing line and tape. I unscrewed the lights and added the batteries. They easily turn on and off when you unscrew them or set them on a timer. Then I cut various lengths of fishing line. In the middle of each piece of string I tied them in the light part by the screw of the unscrewed light. Then I screwed the pieces together and taped it to the ceiling! Voila!!

These flameless LED candles aren't too expensive and a great idea for any Halloween decorations.

Harry Potter Themed Decor on Amazon

Amazon to the rescue on your Harry Potter decor! From costumes, pumpkins, cauldrons, even Harry Potter themed socks! As I mentioned above, the floating candles (and some DIY effort) were possible via Amazon. I found very similar options at Pottery Barn for quadruple the price!

Here are some other Amazon items that you can use to create a Harry Potter room:

Broom Stick – I hung the broom stick like a center piece above the TV.

I used a side table and added a few things like, a plastic skull, potion bottles, and pumpkins.

Around my fireplace I added some gauze to aid in the creepiness.

This skull on top of books with a raven on top is perfect for Harry Potter themed decor and could be seen in Snape's office. In fact, this whole section in Amazon has great options for Harry Potter decor ideas.

We have French doors that lead in to our hallway so I opened those up and found a great deal on a variety package of 100+ window clings. It has spiders, bats, and more. You could also easily stick this on a wall!

Another great place to find Harry Potter- like decor is Target and Home Goods. The fun orange spider lights in the corner are from Target. I also found some really inexpensive spiders at Target that I used on the mantle, floor, and wall.

The skeleton on top of books with LED light eyes was from Home Goods. I also found some “spell” books there too.

DIY Harry Potter Halloween Ideas

A few of the items you see I made myself! I found a black pillow, then used a silver gel marker and wrote “I Solemnly Swear that I Am Up to No Good.”

Then I used an old frame and piece of paper to create the Platform 9 3/4 sign. I used a bowl to trace a circle around it.

For the black tree (aka my Whomping Willow) I took sticks and spray painted them black. I also added my own scarf and draped it over the TV console.

Another idea is to take letters and also use fishing line to hang them! That’s a great scene in the first book when Harry gets his Hogwart’s letter and the room fills with letters. I also love the “have you seen this wizard” sign, from the Daily Prophet newspaper. Just cut out a poster and place this in front a mirror.

You could create your own version of a Marauder's Map, or buy this inexpensive one from Amazon.

In the corner, I added some of my own older books along with the “spell” book that I had.

I found these awesome Skeleton hand stemless wine glasses at Pottery Barn.

What I love about decorating with a Harry Potter theme is that I can keep updating it and adding new stuff each year! Maybe next year I’ll add Hedwig perched on the mantle, a floating wand, a witch hat, or a cauldron full of smoke. Whether you want to spruce up your muggle spirit, turn your common room into a Wizarding World, or just love the books and movies, I hope this post inspired your decorations.