Every single one of us, in one way or another, is feeling the effects of Coronavirus.

With 13,000 new cases a day it's hard not to wonder about how this will affect our life and businesses. It's estimated that the economy across the globe will lose $2.7 trillion.

I'm seeing this affect blogs, too.

I follow a lot of blogs, especially travel, and the general consensus is traffic is down. This isn't shocking: people aren't looking up travel.

Neil Patel recently put out a report on the growth and decline based on industry and arguably the one hit the hardest is travel:

I know there is a lot of uncertainty right now, but there's also a lot of good being done and shared. And I find that right now is a great time ot share online.

I've always been a huge advocate for blogging. Especially in times like now, blogging and social media help to foster a sense of hope and positivity, and remind us that ultimately, we're in this together.

Blogging changed my entire life. Eight years ago I had just fallen rock climbing and I broke my ankle and leg. I wasn't able to work for months. After watching all seven seasons of Friday Night Lights, I decided to start a blog. It wasn't about anything, really. It was just a way for me to express myself.

Eventually, I started connecting with others online and became addicted to posting and sharing. I made friends with people from around the world, learned so much, and found that I could start making money from the site I created. I couldn’t believe it! I created a blog that I was passionate about AND I could profit from it?! 

Now, I’ve been blogging for 8 years. And making money certainly didn’t happen over night. But after working for four years to create a blog that I cared about, I started investing in my online education. I learned ways to make money with affiliate advertising, selling my own products, and using my own knowledge and background to help others. 

I’m of the opinion that everyone should have a blog. I think it’s one of the best ways to connect with others and even make an income. It’s something you can do when you have time, doesn’t need to be a huge commitment, and I think it’s a great way to share your voice and thoughts. 

We are all unique. We have a different background, perspective, education, and have been through different things. Sharing your story online is such a great way to find focus and clarity. 

Why should you blog right now?

First and foremost, I think blogging is a great way to create a community. You are blogging about things that interest you and therefore start attracting others to you that are also interested in similar things. 

In times of stress or desperation or fear we seek others who are going through things too. Right now being online is a great way to connect with others, even at a distance, to relay your hopes and struggles.

What you share can make a difference. I remember that when I first started blogging and connecting with others I ended up learning so much myself. Sharing your passion could help someone else realize theirs or inspire them to support a cause.

You become a thought leader. When you share about your experience and knowledge you become an authority in that industry or area of expertise. In addition, you gain recognition online and even grow your online following. One of the biggest ways I've been able to grow my Instagram is through my blog.

Lastly, it can be a great way to make an income. I’m not saying it will completely support you or your family immediately, but it can be a way to create passive or side income. 

Here are some blog posts related to the above:

What to blog about now:

  • Your thoughts and feelings about Coronavirus 
  • How COVID-19 has impacted your life
  • Charities you are supporting
  • A list of your favorite small businesses
  • How to shop small
  • Things that make you happy or inspire you
  • Your favorite Netflix shows, podcasts, movies 
  • How to stay productive working from home
  • What to do at home
  • Favorite at home products (Amazon, etc)
  • How to keep kids entertained
  • Projects you’re working on now 
  • How you started your blog or website
  • Update on a project you’ve been working on
  • Books you’re reading 
  • Arts & crafts you like to work on
  • A list of your favorite resources 
  • Your favorite recipes 
  • Time management skills
  • How to organize your closet 
  • Virtual events you’re attending 
  • How to stay healthy at home
  • At home workouts 
  • Your playlist or music that gets your heart pumping
  • Your hidden talent/s
  • A list of
  • How to beat boredom
  • Tell a story! Share about your favorite travel memory. Nostalgia is proven to be a good thing and helps keep you grounded and happy

Have an established blog? Here are some blog post ideas for you:

  • Your best performing blog posts
  • Your favorite posts and why
  • How you got started blogging
  • How you use your favorite social media
  • Share your process for writing blog posts
  • Interview another blogger and see how they got their start 

Have a travel blog? Here are some ideas in addition to the above:

  • Ways to take a vacation without leaving the house
  • Your favorite museums/ virtual museums (so many museums are offering virtual tours!)
  • Show us how you edit photos
  • Your travel essentials
  • Your favorite travel photos
  • How you're planning travel for the future
  • Your take on the virus and how it affects the travel industry

Want more? Here are 75 additional blog post ideas.

Why blog about what's going on? The truth is blogging in real time is important to not only yourself, but your followers. You might be providing support to them that they didn't have before.

The main point here is that now is a good time to share. Share how you're feeling, or, just share about things you care about. More people are online right now than ever before. Use this opportunity to connect and reach others.