I'd like to think that I treat my blog like a business, but it's more like my baby so therefore I worry about it in a different way. Are people reading it? Are they still commenting? What if it suddenly crashes? These are not normal thoughts but I have them just the same.
There are certain highs and lows when it comes to your blog. Sometimes you're on a roll: the pageviews keep coming, you're cranking out quality pieces and people are reading and commenting on what you have to say. Other times, there's a lull: the number of hits dip, the comments taper off, and you're not blogging pure gold.

To me, there are a few things that I like to read in a blog, particularly a lifestyle blog or one that doesn't necessary have a set niche:

Blogging Succes: Why I Read Your Blog

Tell me something I don't know. Give me a reason to be here. Whether you're showing me something new or telling me something I don't know, have something to keep me around.

Make me want to know about your life. One blogger who does this effortlessly is Rosie of The Londoner. She blogs about the beautiful places she goes and cute clothes she wears, sure, but there is a story behind it. I want to delve into her life and she what she's up to next.

Post Consistently. If you haven't noticed yet, I haven't stopped blogging while I'm out of
the country. Well, I've had some guest posts (and there are a few more
to come) but I feel like it's important for me to keep up the blog.
About a year ago I read an article (of which I cannot remember the name
of the person, nor the blog) but it said that blogging never stops. Just
because you've got something going on doesn't mean you get to stop
blogging. I took that to heart.
To me, it's important to keep on
going. There is truth in quality over quantity, but sometimes you have
to keep at the midnight oil to find what works on your blog. At least,
that's been my method.

Ask me a question. A great way to get comments is to start the conversation. End the post with a question. Give me a reason to spark a conversation with you so that I feel like it's more of a discussion.

Shock value. I don't think every post should be ridiculous but a few post s every now and then that I can't help but click are great.

Pictures tell a story. Some nice photos really make me think you're the real deal. Plus good pictures make your post stand out. Fuzzy iPhone pictures (I'm definitely guilty of this) are fine, but pictures help illustrate your story sometimes more than words do.

Link Back. Link to old blog posts. Link to blog posts you didn't write. Link to news articles. Anything that helps explain your story or proves your point makes you more credible.

You're different. Write on your blog about something I know nothing about. Maybe you're really talented at painting your nails or you've been to Thailand or you are learning to speak french. Tell me about it in an interesting way and I'm an instant reader.

I'm not saying I actually do all of the above (though I'd like to.) This is what I like in the blogs I read.

What do you like to read in blogs? 
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