Having a blog is a peculiar experience. You are putting a lot of your life and thoughts out on the interwebs. For the most part, we want people to interact, follow, comment, like, share. It can seem kind of narcissistic. As I began writing a post about narcissism in today's society, something dawned on me: we write to feel connected.

We all write for contrasting reasons. We may each want something different out of our blog. But it's an incredible feeling to know that whatever you're going through or have been through, someone else might too. You think, write, and publish. Sometimes it feels like you're dropping a penny in a fountain amoungst the millions of other shiny coins. But sometimes your words shine bright and catch another's eye. Sometimes what you write actually resonates with someone else.
I am no expert in blogging, very far from it. But, my one piece of advice is to blog about what you want. (Duh Helene, we know that already). I know you know that. But there's a reason why. Blogging about what you like may actually lead to something really great. My other piece of advice besides being true to yourself: ASK FOR IT.

Think about what you want. Think about what you blog about. Then make it happen.

I'm beating around the bush. You may know that I have a slight obsession with music. Specifically electronic dance music. I blog about it often. I know a lot of the people that follow me might not care about it. But, I HAVE to blog about it. It's my passion. I discovered when I blog about my passion, it turns in my favor.
There is a huge music festival that takes place in Dallas every New Years Eve: Lights All Night. As someone who lives for music festivals, for some reason or another I haven't gotten to go. This year it was announced that the music festival would take place over two days, the weekend before New Years. Then the line-up was announced. Kaskade, Deadmau5, Krewella, Icona Pop, Above and Beyond, R3hab, Major Lazer, Nicky Romero, Fedde le Grande, Cash Cash. Some of my favorite DJs and performers.
I had to go.
So I asked.
I emailed about everyone I could find, inquiring for a press pass. I didn't hear back for weeks.
So, I asked again.
And what did I find in my mailbox on Monday? A Press Pass to Lights All Night for Helene in Between.
So what this means, to me, is that you might blog about something you think no one cares about, but someone out there might really care. And not only will it make them happy, it will make you happy. And, it can't hurt to ask.

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