How to Find and Create Your Blogging Community

There is only one ingredient needed to create a successful blog: a community. Strip away all the key tools we're told we need, the hype around what “experts” say works, and tricks that make a blog go viral and you're left with what has worked forever: a tribe of people that help you grow your blog.

How to find and create your Blogging Community

When I first started blogging, I thought I had it under control. Both my parents were writers. I had a communications degree under my belt. And I WORKED in social media and online marketing. This would surely be a piece of cake.

I was wrong.

I worked tirelessly on my blog. I'd wake up at 6:00am, trying to get a post up before work, research the trending topics of the day to try to influence my post. But my numbers never rose. I didn't have many followers and the only comments I got were from my Mom or when I sheepishly asked co-workers for support. 

Then, things changed. I started realizing creating a community around my blog is what was needed to make it grow. This light-bulb moment occurred when a fellow blogger commented on a post. She left a link to her blog. I responded. Then decided to comment on other blogs.

Slowly, I began making online connections and establishing myself online.

Not only did people comment, read, and share, they helped me IMMENSELY. They told me that my comment system was faulty, when links were broken, or when a post was truly impactful. If this shift hadn't happened, then my blog would not be where it is today.

Whether you're just starting out or a blogging pro, you need support. Period.

Whenever we start a project, or something as time constricting as a blog, we want to try our hands at “doing it all.” We think we can do it, with no help, and that it will all go as planned. But like with anything in life, having a helping hand or an expert help us along makes a significant difference. 

Your blog tribe are those people that you can count on. They help you brainstorm posts, collaborate on projects, and help you promote your posts. They are there for you and help you in so many ways both personally and in the blogging world.

So, now that you know that a Blogging Community is essential for your blog, how do you create your blogging tribe?


Commenting on other blogs is an incredible way to connect. When you read a blog post and connect with it, leaving an authentic comment giving your opinion or letting them know that it resonated with you, immediately gives you an opportunity to have a discussion with that blogger. You are establishing a connection. Many times, when you comment on someone's blog they will return the favor. Spend just a small amount of time and see the difference it makes. Not just in relationships, but also in pageviews.

Follow and Interact on Social Media

I know when I find a blog I immediately connect with I'll follow them on Twitter or Instagram or both. Not only does this tell me more of what they're about, it also gives me a chance to talk with them. Don't just stop by following them. Leave a comment on their latest insta pic, give a shout out of their recent blog post on Twitter, or just let them know you pick up what they're putting down. AKA… you like them.

Join A Group

Joining active Facebook groups is a great way to expand your blogging community, it allows you to promote yourself and your blog. These are already developed communities filled with like-minded bloggers and entrepreneurs that can help you in many ways.  Here's one to join.
Another great thing to do? join an Instagram challenge!

Reach Out

Are you inspired by someone? TELL THEM. I know when I get those emails or messages that my post or my course helped someone I am floored. It makes me feel like all this is worth it. Don't be afraid to email someone and just let them know. Tell them you included them in a recent post or that their work impressed you. It means a lot, and later on when you need a helping hand they will remember you for reaching out.

Link Up

Link ups are a great way to find new bloggers and discover ones that you immediately connect with. You'll find link ups that run on a specific day, ones that have a theme, or ones that have a challenge. I love the challenge ones (those are the ones I tend to host!) since everyone is able to connect and see how others interpret the objective. This is a great list of link ups. I also like Amanda's Friday Faves and Ashley's “No Rules” link up.


Share the posts you like. This helps establish your blog because others will connect you with these posts as well. You're seen as an authority when you share similar posts and articles. Chances are, if you liked this post, your readers will too. They'll thank you for sharing it.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key with everything. Keep sharing, keep reaching out, and keep interacting. I promise you, when you do this, you will help to establish yourself online, grow your audience, and create a community that matters.


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Really enjoyed reading this post, was just the help that I needed right now. I’m currently working on building my own blog and brand and look forward to reading your other articles for more great advice! With a glass of wine and bar of chocolate in hand of course…
Hope & Wilson

Thanks for the great ideas. This is very helpful. I just started blogging and working with affiliate links this week. Whew! Fun stuff. I’m waiting for my domain (less than 60 days old…sigh) so right now I’m at https://peppercloves.wixsite.com/home

I am loving your blog. You have some tremendously helpful posts for lohgers. I have been blogging for months now and learning toms of things. I write about writing and Inspiration and motivation. You can connect me at mindyourbodysoul.com.

Thanks for your tips! You have a lovely blog here. I just started a blog and am looking for free ways to get traffic/get followers/ etc. I am going to check out your other blogging posts as well and will be trying some of these tips.
I have a question for you… how do you plan and come up with great post ideas? I’m a beginner blogger but would like to blog about my blogging journey as well as some lifestyle stuff. Do you have any tips? Thanks! http://www.bellesadventures.com

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I have been binge-reading your blog since I found it. Thank you! Your information is so helpful and in-depth! All the resources you provide are seriously great <3

Thanks for tips, i learn a lot of in your blogs.

Before I started my blog I did a lot of research and came across your posts quite often. You are obviously very knowledgeable and have helped me a ton. Circling back on some of these posts today as a “check-in” for what I can be doing better. Thanks for everything! http://www.bluecheesebungalow.com

This post has really helped guide me in a better direction towards blogging. My blog site is still fairly new but its an up and coming process and I am always looking to make it better. This post answered a lot of my questions! Thank you!

Thank you for the reminder to comment and be social! Commenting on blogs is the hardest piece for me to maintain. Glad I found you, love your blog!

Just came across your blog as I wanted some advice on building my views and audience. You have a great blog with some brilliant advice – I really hope I can get it to your level in the future!


Elizabeth Colette

Thank you so much for these tips. I’m definitely going to give them a try!

Today has been my day of working on my blog. I’ve been going through your posts continuously for basic help. Thank you for your honest posts and simple tips!

This is probably one of the first posts I have read that were genuine and blunt. Every other post was either a sales pitch or really didn’t connect with me. Thank you so much! I felt like I was drowning in all the steps it takes to increase your following. I am still not sure if I am doing anything correct, but only time will tell! I would appreciate any advice you could throw my way! http://www.Strugglebunz.com <3 Sam

This was super helpful and I enjoyed the read. I have a relationship blog all about living and loving in the digital age one swipe at a time and as blogs are a major part of that this was a fun find! Thanks! http://www.themoderndaygirlfriend.com

Greatest seniors like to live in their own homes for insofar as they can yet they're mindful of the requesting circumstances and challenges postured by method for this decision. They comprehend that at a while or the inverse, they're in an ideal situation being a part of a vivacious individual group. For greater about active adult community you may go to:- active adult community Massachusetts

Thank you greatly for this post! I am intending to start a blog, but instead of diving in I've been doing A LOT of research first. Mostly I'm still journaling to find my voice and the things I care to write about most. I appreciate your know-how, thank you for sharing!

I'm so happy I found you on Snapchat lady! You are now officially my blogging guru (whether you want to be or not!) Thanks for a great post!
Lauren Messina

Great tips! I think a lot of people in this day and age forget that an actual human connection is important is our very online lives. You need to still connect with other! http://nuttyhiker.com

Awesome tips – who doesn't want to grow their online community?

Awesome tips! I love reading and commenting on other blogs and agree that FB groups really help too!

I used to be incredibly nervous about commenting on other blogs. I have always been shy, but from reading other posts about blogging, I knew that it was something I had to do. I spend a good portion of my day on Saturdays dedicated to just reading other content, and finding new people to read. Not only is it very inspiring, but it is educational, and an amazing way to interact with people who have the same passion that you do.

Ashlee Liz

Thank you! Just getting ready to dip my toe in the blog waters……excellent advice!

This is so true! When I do these things, I definitely see how that helps! Plus, it makes me feel good supporting other people – lots of times they deserve it!

This is so so cool. I have blogged for a bit, but since I'm having the baby and thinking about ways to be creative, feature the baby and my family, and make some money, I want to grow my community for real! These are awesome tips.

I'm definitely figuring out this whole community thing– and totally loving it. I first and foremost blog because I love writing, but now having created a small community, I think about what might create a fun dialogue between my readers as opposed to just talking about random stuff. It's actually made me a better writer in doing so.

This is full of great info. I especially like the list of link up parties. I have a hard time keeping up and participating so this is very useful.

Creating community is definitely key, and the best part of blogging 🙂

Such great tips! I feel like so many blogging tips are not necessarily that useful, as they're too vague, but these are focused on growing a community–and they are tips I will actually use! 🙂 I think it's a great reminder for those of us trying to grow our blogs that the best thing about blogging is the community.

I truly think that you and your views on community and building each other up are some of the best things to ever happen to blog land! Love you and your positivity so much!

Such great tips and reminders. I love meeting new people and like minding bloggers near me. This is especially true after our recent move!

I love that you gave really practical tips.. nothing fancy or over the top .. thanks for the great inspiration. I can really see where I am falling short. I always find it hard to connect through social media, it just drives me crazy to be everywhere over and over again, even though I tried to scheduled some posts.If you have any tips on that I will be grateful.
Thanks for sharing.

Such great tips! You always come from such a positive perspective, & I love it!

We're a brand new lifestyle blog (just 2 months in, although we've been prepping & planning forever), and are realizing that community is everything. Absolutely everything. Being genuine, reaching out, asking for help when you need it. And you're so right! Those people you reach out to remember you, and are usually so willing to help!

Definitely still fighting for growth and these tips help so much!

Thanks girl!

Cortney | A Whimsy Wonderland

Thanks for posting this! I found this really helpful, since I just started a new blog a month ago. Being a blogger is hard. So grateful you posted this.

– Lullay | http://www.lullayezzah.wix.com/lullzblog

Helene, this is probably the most helpful post I've seen so far on getting involved and finding support in the blogging community. Thank you for all the practical suggestions — building a blog tribe doesn't seem as daunting when you break it down!

Hillary | http://www.flinntrospection.com

Great advice! I've been on the seen for about a year now. I'm looking to expand my blogging "posse" I call it. I too have a linky I run on Thurs-Sun if you are ever interested 🙂

Amazing Advise, as usual. When I first started blogging 4 years ago, I also thought it would be a piece of cake. Boy was I wrong, and now growing a new blog from the bottom is just as difficult. Thanks for sharing some more useful tips that I can grow off of. You Rock!

-Cheltee Nicole

Great post- I really need to put in more effort to finding my blog tribe!

Emma | Seeking the South

Awesome advice! It took me a while to figure out a lot of this too. I am still trying to find my way! Great post.

xx, Elise

Such great advice for beginner bloggers like me! Thanks so much!

Awwww thanks for the shoutout! Yes girl, I 100% agree especially to the reaching out to other bloggers. You know I am always the first one to ask or compliment, I mean we don't know everything but I'm sure there is someone out there that has lived through it and has the resources to help. Such a great post!

You have the best tips! I just recently started interacting more and linking up, so I'm glad you shared a list of link ups. Thanks for sharing!
PS – The link for the FB group doesn't work…not sure if it's just me or what, but they page doesn't load when I click on it. What's the name of the group?

Thanks for always posting relevant pointers to growing your blog Helene! Very helpful!

Throwing this idea out there… Total Social Reunion Tour?

Community is my favorite part about blogging. I have so many wonderful relationships with people I've never even met in person that inspire and motivate me.

I definitely need my community, because John just doesn't care haha. I constantly text you, Steph, and Betsy for help and ideas and feedback. And gossip 😉 I have 'regulars' too, for sure. There's just certain people, I'd say about 30-40, that always comment on my blog. Maybe not every post, but at least once or twice a week. I remember those people, and then I go do the same for them. Most have been with me from the start, so I'd put commenting as the most important. I appreciate and remember who shares my stuff on twitter and who comments on my instagram, but comments 100% mean the most to growing.

Love this post! Community has easily been my favorite part of blogging so far. I might never have met these girls, but I feel like I know them none the less! When they start to know bits and pieces of your life, and vise versa, it takes this online community to a whole new level. Each of the methods you pointed out are so beneficial!
Darling, Dearest

this is so true! interacting with followers- but being consistent to those that really DO make an impact , are what you want! great tips and although i'm still looking to find my tribe, i'll still be a follower/friend to those blogs i adore and want to see succeed! its all about helping!

You always have the best blogging tips! I blogged for close to two years and never got one comment. Once I realized that there was a whole blogging community, I started seeing regular visitors on my blog. And while my impact is still crazy low, it is growing.

I've found different blogging communities on Facebook for my area by search for blog + Atlanta. I also just make sure to follow a ton of blogs I'm interested in on bloglovin' and branch out from there!

this is great Kayla, I'm very new to blogging. What are some communities I can join?


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