Have you ever landed on an Instagram account and immediately feel that rush of “ooooh” or “ahhh”? You know you'll follow them immediately because their whole feed just locks you in? That's because they've nailed their Instagram theme. An Instagram theme is a cohesive, branded look or aesthetic that seems to flow from one photo to the next. I'm going to share 10 perfect Instagram themes you can easily create to start getting those coveted oohs and ahhs from potential followers.

10 Perfect Instagram Themes You Can Create

Why have an Instagram theme?

An Instagram theme is a perfect way for you to gain attention immediately. This has proven hard to do in the over-saturated world of Instagrammers wanting to leave their mark. But when you create a theme you are more likely to make a lasting impression. Then, when others see your photos you'll become more recognizable. If you're looking for a more in-depth tutorial check out this post on How to Create an Instagram Theme (and why you should.)

Think of the top nine photos on your Instagram as your first impression. This will immediately signal to someone if they will follow you or not. The first few seconds are extremely powerful. We can all say that we don't judge a book by it's cover, but it's just human nature to do so. Studies show that the first seven seconds make the greatest impression. To me, this is your time to prove that you're someone to follow. And more often than not creating a cohesive Instagram feed does the trick.

Here are 10 ideas you can recreate and use on your Instagram to create recognition, flow, or just to impress your followers. I'll be showing you some of my favorite themes plus some ideas on how you can achieve it, too. The most powerful and easiest way to create an Instagram theme or edit is using a tool. I suggest Lightroom since this is consistently what photographers and top Instagrammers use.

Instagram Theme Ideas

I've scoured Instagram and found 10 of the best Instagram feeds and themes that are striking and creative. No matter your aesthetic, you can find one that suits your personality and the type of pictures you like to take.

Color Coordinated

Bright and shockingly full of color, @awhimsywonderland‘s feed is a feast for the eyes. You can create this with one color or, like they show, multiple colors throughout. I love the look of this and it's a great way to show off your personality and style. I suggest upping the vibrance and increasing the saturation to recreate this look.


This Instagram theme works whether you like your photos to look a bit more grainy or have more of a texture to them. I love this for almost any kind of shot but it espeically works well for travel. The tones of @joellefriend‘s Instagram feed are lovely. To get this soft look lower the whites and contrast and sometimes the exposure.

Light and airy

@dizzybrunette3  has a playful and pink Instagram layout is eye-catching and girly. This works well for fashion shots, flatlays, and overall lifestyle shots.


An easy way to create a cohesive Instagram theme is by using a similar filter or edit every time you post. As does @debiflue. She ups the pinks and blues and increases the clarity (or sharpness) to feature a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing image each and every time she posts.


I adore @crazycatladyldn‘s feed because it's always easy to spot. She often posts in a similar tone, but the key to her Instagram theme is the subjects that she posts. Doors, windows, breakfast nooks, etc. She focuses on structure and before I read the caption I know it's her. This is a very versatile way to create a great Instagram aesthetic. Find a subject you like and create your Instagram around that.

Dark and moody

This bold style makes a statement on Instagram. Perfect for those that want to share their high fashion, street style, or fun, grungey shots. I think @candidlychan nails this. Increase the darks of the photo and up the contrast to crate this theme. I also suggest upping the whites. That sounds counterintuitive but it actually makes for a better contrast.


This pastel Instagram theme idea is easy on the eyes and fun to recreate. I suggest lowering your contrast significantly and focusing on similar colors such as pink and blue. @Pastelsandpassports perfects the pastel aesthetic. This candy flow Instagram idea is feminine and pretty no matter what kind of pictures you take.


This colorful and cohesive feed from @hilvees is a great way to show off your photography skills or play up the colors in a photo. Bold hues make a statement. Focus on blues and oranges so as not to hurt the eyes. Over-saturating reds and pinks is sometimes hard to view.


I cannot get enough of @paula13t gorgeous feed. It's almost black and white with a splash of mauve. When I see her pictures I immediately know it's her. This is such a cool way to express your photos. You could do something similar with any pop of color, or leave it more monotone. It's a striking look on Instagram.


This vintage vibe is what I strive for on my Instagram theme. I think it's fun to play around with the colors and contrast of the dark and light tones. To me, this is an easy one because it fits with so many different edits. You can see more on my Instagram @heleneinbetween. Get this exact look with my Lightroom presets.

Recommended Apps and Tools

If you're trying to create a cohesive feed there are a few different apps that are complete game changers.

Preview – my holy grail Instagram app. Plan out your feed, use their filter pack if you'd like to create a theme, and make sure everything flows together. Truly, one of the best apps out there. Highly recommend.

Lightroom – I don't edit my photos with anything else. Ever. Lightroom is the most powerful way to edit my photos to make them look exactly how I want them to. Check out how I edit my Instagram photos here, how to use Lightroom, and my free Lighroom presets here.  To me, the best way to decide how your feed should look is to edit and play around with presets or filters to your liking. You want to make your photos look like your own brand.

A Color Story – If you're wanting a great way to edit photos without purchasing Lightroom then check out A Color Story. Gorgeous filters and editing tools. Another option is VSCO. Especially for creating the darker or moodier types of themes. There are a lot of great VSCO filters to create a cohesive Instagram feed.

Camera – I use a Nikon D5600 and we did tons of research before purchasing this one. Of course you can use whatever camera suits you. Check out my guide to buying a new camera if you're interested in buying a DSLR.

Remember, an Instagram theme can change. Lord knows mine has changed many many times throughout the years. That's OKAY! We all change and grow. Do what makes you happy, keep it creative, interesting, and you will definitely have success. Remember, you make it your own. These Instagram themes are merely suggestions. So play around with what you like. And by all means, break the rules. If you'd like to see more theme ideas or how to create an Instagram theme check out this post. Have any Instagram feed ideas? Let me know below!

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