I'm a self proclaimed Instagram addict. Why? Because it's one of the most beautiful and visually appealing social media tools and because I find loads of traffic for this blog via Instagram (@heleneinbetween). But sometimes you get stuck on what to post. So, I've come up with 12 ideas for blog and Instagram photography, whenever you get stuck!


Styling your Instagram is tons of fun, figuring out what works and doesn't is one of my favorite parts. But it's hard to figure out what to post or use for your Instagram. I came up with a list of 12 different props and ideas you can steal, and most are under $20!



Let's start with the base. This is one of the most important features of Instagram and for your blog photos. Having a nice background can make or break the image and will make your image more pleasing to the eye. That can mean more likes and shares. So, how can you find them? This guide is here to help.

1. A brick wall


Cost? Free!

Go around town or maybe the side of your house. This makes the prettiest backdrop for your hands (I love hand pics…) and makes your images pop.

2. White rug


Cost? Around $10-$100 for a fake one.

I literally use this all the time. If you're looking to master the flatlay, this is the perfect backdrop. I have this one from for under $60. Don't want just white? Try this blue and white striped one.

3. Your Desk


Cost? Most likely free! Or check out this simple white desk for under $100

You probably have a desk or a table top works too. It's simple but one of the best backdrops for your photos!

4. Wood Background


Cost? Free or $20.

Don't you love the look of the distressed wood? I do! You can buy this on Amazon or go to your local Home Depot and buy some more. I like this etsy option for $10.

5. Blankets


Cost? Free – $25.

Chances are you have a blanket draped over your couch or on your bed. This is a perfect backdrop for your photos! Here's the one I have in my photo above.

6. Foam Boards


Cost $1-3

You guys, using a foam board is straight up my favorite way to take the classic “view from above” shots. Yes, I love a good white desk, but using the foam board is even better because you're able to move everything near a window and can easily shoot from above (where as from a desk you're shooting straight on!)


7. Candles


Cost? $4-$15.

Candles magically up your instagram game. Whenever I draw a blank on what needs to round out my picture I add in a candle. Lit or unlit, it's up to you. Bath and Body Works and the Voluspa candles are my fave for pics.

8. Office Supplies


Cost: free or super cheap.

Chances are you have some post-its or pens lying around, begging to be part of your Instagram photos. I love using scissors, planners, pens, notepads, and pencils. Pictured: my fave planner and pens.

9. Fresh Flowers


Cost: $5-$20

Want people to swoon over your Instagram shots? Throw in some pretty blooms. I like to play around with the full bouquet or just using a few strategic flowers here and there. Some of my faves? Carnations! They last forever!

10. Coffee


Cost: $1-$5

Sometimes it's awkward to have a photo of just yourself, the solution is easy- a cup of coffee. Whether in your favorite mug or from a coffee shop, you really can't go wrong.

11. Beauty Products


Cost: $1-$20

Need to add a bit of color to your image? Add in a pretty lipstick or pink blush. Beauty products are packaged the way they are for a reason, you might as well use them.

12. Books/Magazines


Cost: $1-$15

We all want to know what you're reading! You can stack them, open them up to where you've stopped or just put it on display. They also make great backdrops too!

So there you have it, 12 backdrops and prop ideas to up your Instagram game!


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