15 Photo Ideas for Instagram

Ever get stuck with what to post to Instagram? we've all been there. We know that the best way to create an engaged Instagram is to post regularly. But who has time to always think of what to post? These 15 photo ideas for Instagram will totally have you covered!

I decided to take this a step further from my previous Instagram photo ideas post and give you a hashtag to go with each!

15 Photo Ideas for Instagram


1. Stylistic

We all love an aesthetically pleasing image. Create a stylized image or “flatlay.” The best way to do this is to stick to certain colors and use a solid or light colored background.

A photo posted by Charli Burrowes (@meohmygirl) on

Hashtag to use: #flatlays #viewfromabove #thegirlgang


2. On my Bed

Too lazy to get up? No problem! Stay in bed. Take a cozy snap. Make sure that you get full light so the image won't come out too grainy or unclear. Bonus points for some fun socks or cute pjs. Take the snap from above or with coffee in hand.

Hashtags to use: #onthebed #onmybed #stayinbed #lazymorning

3. Looking up

We all know about looking down, what about your view looking up? This is such a cool angle and works great for buildings and landscapes.


Hashtags to use: #Lookingup #myperspective #myview

4. Share the season

Seasonal photos tend to perform really well on Instagram. Share about whatever season we're in or the holidays.

Hashtags: #TistheSeason #ABMAutumn

5. Sideways

Take a different view and only show part of the image or take a different angle. This gives your audience a unique perspective.

Hashtags: #VscoVisuals  #Nothingisordinary #thehappynow #finditliveit

6. Foodie

We all start drooling when we see delicious eats on Instagram. Share a photo of what you're eating. Make sure to snap before you eat it!

Today has been ROUGH. Nothing pizza can't fix ??? #thighsbeforeguys << this just felt like the right hashtag #helenetravels

A photo posted by SNAPCHAT ? HELENESULA (@heleneinbetween) on

Hashtags: #Huffposttaste #f52grams #lifeandthyme #devourpower

7. Colorful Wall

Really make your images with a pretty, colorful wall. It's so eye catching and makes your photos really stand out.

Hashtags: #abmlifeiscolorful #photosinbetween #myunicornlife #flashesofdelight

8. Focus In

With the new iPhones, you can focus on one part of the image and actually blur the background. This makes for a great shot, and let's people see the details on the object at hand (or in your hand like in this pic!)

Hashtags: #livethelittlethings #postitfortheaesthetic #handsinframe

9. Where you're going

Whether you're on the road, on location, or in a hotel, we want to share in the experience. It's always cool to showcase your travels.

«Everything you want is on the other side of fear.» #tb #maldives

A photo posted by Adrianna (@alabasterfox) on

Hashtags: #neverstopexploring #adventureon #rsroadtrip #mytinyatlas

10. Doors

Yes, y'all we've seen floors, but what about doors? I love a cool looking door! You never know where you can find a cool one.


Hashtags: #ihavethisthingwithdoors #doorsoftheworld #colorventures

11. Here's looking at you

I LOVE the view of you from behind and then showcasing what you're looking at. It makes the viewer almost feel like they're there!


Hashtags: #soloverly #dailydoseofwhimsey #thatcolorproject #howyouglow

12. Work Station

I think people love to see other's behind-the-scenes work and where they actual do their magic. Snap a pic of your laptop or desk and share in on insta.

Hashtags: #Bloggervibes #onmydesk #creativelifehappylife #creativebusiness #workspace #deskgoals

13. Perspective

I think it's always interesting to see the whole view of something. Whether it's the inside of a restaurant, shop, or building, this is a great way to capture the essence of something. Take a step back and try to include everything in the pic!

Hashtags: #myperspective #postitfortheaesthetic #exploremore #foundforaged

14. Window View

This is a cool twist on what you'd normally snap. This can incorporate the actual window or just show off your view.

A photo posted by Alain B ? (@boraro) on

Hashtags: #windowview #viewfrommywindow #inthecity #throughthewindow #windowseat

15. Message it

I don't have very good handwriting, but sometimes I let the words rather than the image itself do the talking. I love snapping notebooks or anything with nice, short sayings.

Hashtags: #motivationalquote #prettylittlethings #inspiration #thehappynow


Hope you liked these instagram ideas! What are some of your favorite Instagram photos to shoot? Don't forget to follow along on my travel and blogging adventures on Instagram @heleneinbetween.

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