You know that friend that is classically clumsy? Falling all the time? Spilling on her stark white shirt? I never thought I was that girl. But apparently, I might be. And let's get real, I am known to wear white and spill.

It was a wet and snowy day in Leogang, Austria. The weather couldn't make up its mind to choose light fluffy snow, rain, or blizzard-like conditions. But it was our last day in Austria and we wanted to ski. Despite the precipitation, the conditions, they told us, were good for skiing. We rented skis, helmets, and polls and hit the baby slopes. It'd been about a year since I went skiing and I'm not the most proficient skier. Even on the bunny slope I was a bit afraid. But we got into the groove and leveled up. The snow was bearing down hard but as we glided down a blue run and I told Michael this is the best I'd felt skiing in a long time.

After doing the easier part of the blue run we decided to head on down the mountain. As we were going the sun came out and the clouds parted to reveal the mountains across the way. It truly felt like the day was turning around. I made my way down the slope slowly but with control, stopping every so often to catch my breath or the view. This was one of the longest runs I'd ever done- it must have been miles! Michael was already at the end waiting for me and I could see the small hut to grab an Après-ski hot chocolate. I was maybe 50 meters from the end and I had one or two turns left. On my last turn I seemed to pick up speed and couldn't correct it. The next thing I knew I toppled over, my right ski popped off, and my left knee in incredible pain.

We went directly to the emergency room and a child (y'all he really wasn't a day over 22) examined my leg. He brought in his Mom, I mean, a fellow doctor who both agreed my ACL was most likely torn. Armed with a brace and a broken spirit, Michael drove the five plus hours back to Heidelberg. The next day I went to a doctor who got me in the same day AND did an MRI (super impressive since so many places told me I couldn't be seen until May!). The ACL is torn but hopefully will be healed soon. All of April's travel plans are canceled and here's to hoping I'm back on the mend soon enough. This isn't my first fall or break. Back in 2012 I fell 20 feet rock climbing and broke my ankle and my leg, and I credit that fall for the reason why my blog is what is today.

So… with all that out of the way, let's get to what else has been going on around here.

I'm hosting my very first trip! We are headed to Portugal for 10 days. Along with traveling to Lisbon, Porto, and Lagos, I'll also be offering three workshops on blogging, Instagram, and photography. I can't believe this is really happening. When Trova Trip approached me to do it I was excited and nervous. But I know this is going to be a trip of a lifetime! Spots are limited and filling up so find out all the details right here.

A few months ago People Magazine emailed me with the subject line, “Hi from People magazine.” I almost deleted it thinking it was spam. Turns out they wanted to do an interview on my episode of HGTV's House Hunter's International. I was beyond floored when I opened the magazine to find a 4-page feature with pictures of Michael and me, the dogs, and Heidelberg! The article talks about my time on House Hunters and also shares a bit about our move from Texas to Heidelberg, Germany. It's on newsstands now or you can order it here.

I'm speaking at a travel conference! I've attended a few travel conferences in my time as a blogger and always feel like it's a great place to make connections and, of course, learn. I'll be speaking on Instagram at the Trablin International Summit in Krakow, Poland. My specific topic: “Understanding the Instagram Algorithm in 2018 – how to grow your account and engagement without spammy tactics.” Really excited to join this and the other experts. Not gonna lie, I'm girl crushing on the other speakers like @Travel_inhershoes. Also cannot wait to hear from the incredible @passionpassport. If you're nearby or want to come you can grab your tickets here.

Not only will I be speaking at a travel conference I'm also speaking at my high school! I'm maybe too excited about this. But I've always dreamed to speak at “career day”. I am extremely proud of the high school I went to, Ursuline Academy in Dallas. It left such a lasting impression on me and is a big part of who I am today. I'm beyond thrilled to be speaking about my life as a blogger and encouraging others to write and travel as well. Read: 25 Signs You Went to Ursuline Academy.

Even though April will be a wash for travel, I still have lots to look forward to. In May I'm heading to Berlin, Montepulciano and the Amalfi Coast in Italy, back to Austria and some more touring of Germany.

2018 started out with a bang. We went to Switzerland (Zermatt and Interlaken) for my birthday. It was a beautiful winter, snow-globe wonderland. Then we switched gears and headed to Morocco. One of the most interesting and captivating places I've ever been in my life. From the culture, the people, the scenery, the landscape, it was all so interesting. The most mesmerizing place was absolutely the desert. Quite possibly the most peaceful place in the world. The food was divine and the atmosphere inspiring. Morocco left such a wonderful impression on me, I will definitely be back.

My last trip before Austria was to my home town of Dallas, Texas in March! That was the first time I had been home since we moved abroad, a year and a half ago. I am still working off all the chips and queso and barbecue I ate, but it was worth it. I had the best time with friends and family and it made me realize just how those true relationships never change.

As a blogger I get to write a lot. But often it's with specific posts in mind. I don't often write posts without clear cut objectives or just getting to hunker down and speak my mind. But this post is that. And I'm going to relish in it. Let me know if you like posts like this and want more!