My life abroad is very different from life at home. I mean, duh, of course. But there are some things in my day to day that still shock me. Like the whole grocery store and check out situation. Today I thought I'd give you a glimpse of my life in Heidelberg.

Once a week we take the dogs on a hike up the mountains.

I wake up around 7 or 7:30 (depending on how late I'm up the night before) and feed the dogs. The pups are very demanding early in the morning, and so I feed them first thing. Then I take them each on a little walk near the Neckar river by our house. This is a great, wide open area where I can take them to run around for a bit. I take them each separately because they would be criss-crossing leashes the whole time if I didn't. Hugo likes to sniff everything in site. Millie likes to chase birds. What can I say, they are a bit high maintenance. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

View from our walk.

After dogs are done, I make breakfast which usually consists of bread from a bakery nearby or the farmer's market which happens every Wednesday and Saturday. Michael and I always pick up bread, cheese, sausage, and some fresh veggies each week there. I'll also have a couple eggs. I'm a big believer in breakfast.

Depending on the day I'll go to the grocery store, do the laundry, or run a few errands. I try to do them earlier in the day since it's busier later on. While running errands might seem like a piece of cake, it always means I'm going to walk or take my bike and so I have to think about how much weight I can carry on my back. I can't just go to the grocery store are buy it all. Which is so different than me pulling up my car to Kroger and stocking up.

After errands I'll come home and get to work! My favorite part. I look forward to working everyday. Which might be a little weird. But blogging is the best. I'll answer emails, work on a new post, answer questions in Facebook groups, and work on a new tutorial for Blog Boss Babe.

At about 1 pm I'll break for lunch. But before I eat Michael and I take the dogs out together for a walk. For lunch I'll eat left overs, salad, or a sandwich and pretzels. We always keep pretzels in the house.

Then it's back to work and later in the day I usually am working on a post for the next day or next week, social media posts, reaching out to sponsors, and again answering emails. My favorite part of blogging is the writing aspect, so I make time everyday to write- whether I publish it or not.

I stop working usually at about 7. If it were up to me, I'd probably work until bed every night but I'm really trying to balance that a bit more now that I live abroad. Back in Dallas or Nashville I had no problem working until 12 every night. Michael and I will make dinner (we switch off) or we'll go out and grab a bite to eat. There's a few restaurants down the street which are our faves. If we're in the mood for German there's Marktstübel or Dorfschänke. There's a great, quick Italian place (that takes credit card- very rare!) called De Claudia's or we'll go to the Alstadt to see a quick view of the castle and have a kebab, Greek, or Pho. Or German. German food is always a good choice.

Near a few of our favorite spots to eat.

After dinner Michael and I talk about travel. We plan where to go to next, we look for cheap flights, train rides, or car rentals. Michael scouts for good hotel deals (he's pretty excellent at it, at planning travel in general and he does the bulk of that) and we talk about why we should go where. It's funny to have travel as part of our everyday life and it makes me so happy to live in Europe.

Next, we take the dogs out one last time before bed. We might have a small Bailey's before bed for dessert. Because… why not?

We go to bed about 11:30 (#thisis30) and I dream of our next trip!

Hope you found this interesting. If you have any questions about my life abroad (or really, anything for that matter) feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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