Think of the title of this post like Beyonce's “Upgrade You.” Then explain why every Beyonce song puts me in a good mood? It's just a fact and I'm not one to argue with facts. This past weekend was one of the best ever, despite having the worst cold that I can't seem to shake.
So I'm just going to make this nice and easy and drop some knowledge bombs real quick:

Y'all. This festival of all festivals sold out with double the amount of tickets in less than an hour. Basically, it sold out in a second and they just had to process all the orders. We had 4 computers, 2, phones and 18 different browsers open. Only one got through and we got tickets, which is basically insane and highly improbable.

2. I quit my job.
I am starting at a new company today. It's very very different than anything I've ever done before. This is a little shocking if you've been around this blog for any length of time, more to come on that later in the week. I'm nervous and excited. Wish me luck!

3. My friend's wedding shower was this past weekend.
Look how cute everything was:

^^ Those are shots that spell out J and M for their names and are also party favors. I wish I could take credit for this idea.
We also had near perfect weather:

No Filter.

4. Millie's eye is healing perfectly.
She ran through some cactus and had to go to the vet because of her eye, but she's being a real trooper. She's on 3 different pills and 3 different drops and everything is looking good. But next time she's out in a field with tall cactus, she'll be wearing goggles err, doggles.

I really feel like I should have a five, maybe even a six on this list, but I don't. That's all I got. But that's pretty good I think. I could have just had this whole post just say “I got Tomorrowland tickets” but I figure I should say a little more than that. I'll be on cloud nine over here.

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