My very first trip abroad was one of the most mind-opening experiences I ever had. Not only do people speak a different language than me or eat differently, but I learned that they lived a completely different life with an entirely unique set of values. Traveling continues to open my world and is one of the most important ways that I connect and learn. That's why I'm so over the moon excited to tell you that I'm hosting my very first trip and YOU are invited! I'm thrilled to finally announce I'll be hosting a 10-day trip in Portugal and in addition to traveling and exploring with you, I'm also offering THREE workshops on blogging, photography, and Instagram.

This isn't just any old trip. This is a 10-day excursion through the most beautiful places in Portugal along with guided tours in Porto, Lisbon, and Lagos. Along the way we'll have workshops (I wanted to offer y'all three workshops to ensure you get the most out of this trip!) so we can learn more about blogging and social media. I'm partnering with an incredible company, Trova Trip, to ensure this trip is everything you've dreamed of and more.

Since I moved abroad, I knew I wanted a better way to connect with my readers- especially those from around the world. I know this trip will be the perfect way to combine my love of adventure, meeting new people, and sharing my passion for blogging, photography, and social media.

Before I get into the specifics I do want to let you know this trip has LIMITED spots. So if you're interested in joining me, don't delay in signing up!

10 Day Portugal Trip with Me! (okay and Michael will be there too. He'll even be assisting with the photography workshop!)

When: August 24th – September 2nd, 2018

Where: Portugal, specifically: Lisbon, Porto, and Lagos

Workshops: Creating a Killer Instagram, Blogging on the Go, and Photography Tour (of course, these are optional, so if you'd like to skip them and explore that's okay too!)

What's included? Hotels, transportation, guided tours, breakfast, welcome happy hour, full-time ambassador to help along the way, maps, guides, and recommendations

Why: A great way to travel, meet other passionate travelers, and learn!

Who: YOU! You are welcome to go solo, bring a friend, or significant other.

How: Sign up right here to secure your spot.

Let's get to the details! First up, I'll share the workshops I'll be hosting:

I'll be offering three workshops. Trova Trip initially said I could offer two but I insisted on having three to make sure you guys get not only a wonderful trip but a true learning experience as well. I talked to dozens of people who had been on trips with other bloggers before and they gave me their feedback for what really stood out. One thing I learned: people truly want the benefit of traveling with the blogger and learning their tricks of the trade. So I came up with three workshops I thought would be truly beneficial- whether you're a blogger or not.

Workshop #1 Creating a Killer Instagram

This lesson will help you focus on how to capture beautiful images, increase your engagement and not waste time when creating an engaging Instagram post. We'll also talk about how to create your own style, beat the algorithm, and create content that aligns with your passions.

Workshop #2 Blogging on the Go

This session will feature my top blogging tricks and tips for blogging full-time while also traveling. It can be tough to balance both, but these tips can help turn this lifestyle into a reality for you as well! I'll also share some of my top blogging techniques for getting more eyes on you and how to monetize your passion.

Workshop #3 Photography Tour

Together, we'll hit the streets along with Michael (my fave photographer), to learn what angles work, which settings to shoot, and how to capture attention with your photos! Luckily, we’ll be in the beautiful city of Lagos, so finding good content won’t be difficult.

Can we pause for the picture below of beautiful Lagos? I mean…. wow.

Trip Itinerary

Fun fact: I have never been to Portugal! So we'll be exploring the country together.

Day 1: Welcome to beautiful Lisbon! You’ll meet your Trova squad for a welcome happy hour to get acquainted and to get the low down on the 10 incredible days you’ll be spending in Portugal. From when you first touch down in Lisbon, you’ll be blown away by the city’s beautiful architecture, friendly people and amazing nightlife. Did we mention rooftop bars? Because Lisbon has some of the best in the world.

Day 2: We’ll kick off our first workshop by focusing on how to maximize your Instagram account by capturing the best photos and posting engaging content. We understand that each voice is unique and individual, so we’ll focus on tapping into your unique creative style. Our session will close with some nerd talk around algorithm hacks.

Day 3: Pick your path! We’ll be providing an optional trip to Sintra, home to one of the most colorful palaces you’ll ever witness. Not up for it? No problem, we purposely provide flexibility and gaps in activities so you can travel and experience at your own pace. Hit the beach or hang at the hotel, the choice is yours!

Day 4: Tchau (bye) Lisbon, off to Porto! If Porto sounds familiar, it’s probably because you like dessert wine. Porto is the birthplace of Port wine, a fortified wine, in the same category as Spanish Sherry. We’ll arrive in style by chartered bus and get you settled in before checking out the city and all it has to offer.

Day 5: Smaller than Lisbon, but with just as much flair, Porto is a coastal city in Northwest Portugal known for its stately bridges and wine production. We’ll show you around and introduce you to the medieval Ribeira (riverside) district with its narrow, cobbled streets. Then on to São Francisco Church, known for its lavish baroque interior with ornate gilded carvings and the palatial 19th-century Palácio de Bolsa. Plenty to see in the second-largest city in Portugal.

Day 6: Traveling is a doozy at times. Today, I'll teach you insider nomad tricks and tips for blogging full-time while also traveling. I'll also share some of my top blogging techniques for getting more eyeballs on you and monetizing your passion.

Day 7: We’re going South! You’ll get a chance to see the stunning Portuguese coastline as we cruise South in our own chartered boat to the beach city of Lagos. Hope you brought your bathing suit and dancing shoes because Lagos has beautiful beaches, strong cocktails, and exceptional clubs.

Day 8: For our last workshop, we’ll hit the streets (and beaches) together to take photos. Bring your camera or phone to learn what angles work best, settings to shoot, and how to capture attention with your photographs!

Day 9: It’s your last full day in Lagos, soak up the sun and hit the beaches! Looking for a beautiful hike? Head to the beautiful Algarve coastline, which is only 30 minutes away. There is nothing more beautiful than the setting sun after a trip full of good people, wonderful sights, and tasty food and wine. We’ll get the squad together one last time and toast to an awesome trip in Portugal!

Day 10: Last day – but so much fun traveling with everyone!

You can find out all the details, frequently asked questions, and book your trip right here! I cannot wait to travel with y'all!

Check out the details and book your trip to Portugal with me!