12 years ago today…

I walked up the concrete steps of my all girls Catholic high school. I winked at the statue of Mary, Mother of Jesus, as I swung open the heavy, white, windowed doors of school.

I yawned through statistics, gabbed with my girlfriends at lunch, practiced lines during theater, and told my friends that I was going to wear my new Abercrombie and Fitch graphic tee tonight to hang out with Michael.

I skipped soccer practice, which was fine, we'd been playing together for 13 years and, as a senior, casual practice was somewhat more optional.

I swabbed on pink lipstick, pink blush, most likely pink eye shadow (at least I'm consistent) and too much bronzer.

It was characteristically a warm day in November, Texas after all, so my short sleeve shirt and jeans were a good combo.

I cruised down the 635 freeway in my '98 Honda accord while I listened to”Hey Ya”. I remember specifically hearing Outkast's “Hey Ya” because it was released that day, November 22, 2004. A song so good, I had trouble NOT dancing in the car. But that was usually my problem.

I pulled up in Michael's drive way, checking my lip gloss and excited to hang out with the guy I had a major crush on. I can still see that girl in that shirt, nervous and excited to see a boy she liked.

12 years ago today, that same boy, asked me to be his girlfriend. If you've been reading thus blog for maybe more than a couple months you know that story. (and if you're REALLY inclined I have a whole series right here).

12 years ago today…

I had no clue I'd marry that same sweet boy, with a heart of gold. Literally gold. Michael is honestly the best person I know. Much nicer than me.

I didn't know we'd have two dogs, no kids, and he'd support me in starting my own business.

I didn't know we'd uproot out life and move to Nashville then overseas.

Forget the crap about marrying someone funny, cute, interesting, kind, handsome, your best friend, or has money (although I'd say Michael is most of the above). Marry/be with someone who helps you live your dreams. That's it. There is nothing else.

Because someone that helps you live your dreams is a partner, a person you can count on. It's someone you will fall more in love with each day. Because they just know what you need.

You know what Michael didn't know? That I'd wake him up in the morning and make him take photos with me and our matching shoes.

But when the shoes are that great, he obliges.

Germans have a unique tradition that I'm totally adopting: house shoes. These warm, wool boiled slippers are the best when it's chilly (which is apparently a lot). Michael and I each got a pair. They are sturdy enough to go outside in (with a rubber sole) and made of super high quality wool. They are the first thing I put on in the morning.




Michael's PJ pants // My red sweater // my PJ Pants // Our Shoes


My red shoes // Michael's Charcoal Gray Shoes

To see really old pics of us going to homecoming at 17 and more, go here.