I can't believe I was starting my freshmen year of college 8 years ago. Not only do I feel old, I also feel like MANY things have changed. Some things have stayed the same and that's even weirder.
But it's fun to see what life was like “back then.”

I would be taking a selfie in my new dorm room and super psyched to be walking on SMU's campus for the first day of school. This is literally the picture I put up on FACEBOOK the first day of school.

I'm lucky I still had some friends.

When it's time for football I wouldn't go to the game (sorry, it's SMU, it's not a priority) but you could catch me on the boulevard flashing a “pony up” sign. But don't ask me who we were playing because I had no idea.

After classes it was time for “work.” I nannied the sweetest kids in the universe (seriously, they were perfect) and I coached a dance team. I was pretty tough. I taught them one dance to Mike Jones and Hurricane Chris' “Drop and Gimme 50” but they lyrics were too racy so I had to nix that. I stuck to cleaner songs like Ciara's “Bang it Up.” Hey, they were in middle school…

I would talk to Michael every night on the phone and ask him about his day.
If I was lucky, I was going down to A&M to visit him in College Station or he was coming up to Dallas to visit me. This is how he looked back then:

He's sad because he's hungry. 

He was in the corps so he had to cut his hair link this. And also he lost about 20 pounds. I gained about 20.

I would go out on the weekends in either a jean skirt or brown skirt and some kind of white shirt. I thought I looked really good. I would also take pictures like this and think I was the coolest.

Why did I have to make this face? WHY?!

This time of year always makes me nostalgic. It's been 4 years since college graduation and even though it's such a short part of your life, it's also one of the most memorable. Sure, I made some bad fashion choices and I probably shouldn't have put some of the pictures up on Facebook (no one will ever see this! I thought). But I loved it all.
If I knew what I know now, I hope I wouldn't change a thing. I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason.

Do you miss college or am I just holding on to the past?

Today I am very excited to have Kim on my blog! Her blog is Slice of Life and I can tell you this girl knows how to live life to the absolute fullest! She just got back from a wonderful trip to Iceland and just moved  back to Florida! She is busy. But luckily she spent some time to tell you about herself!

 What's the best thing about being tall (I'm only 5'2″!)

 photo 5a7813f6d48311e28b2822000aa80213_7_zps32406bf0.jpg
haha, but ill forgive this if you're my friend!
having to have your face stuck in people's armpits on the subway! At
concerts you can see over everyone's heads — but I do feel bad for the
people stuck behind me!
  What's the biggest risk you've ever taken- was it worth it?
 photo 6b4a84200b0111e3b7f822000a1fb726_7_zps3c8ed2db.jpg
go noles!

think I'm currently living it — quitting teaching (a six-year career)
to go back to school (for law) and leaving my boyfriend (of 3.5 years)
and friends and life in NYC to move back to Florida (Tallahassee–not
exactly the “hub” of excitement down here). Talk to me in about 5 years
and I'll let you know if it was worth it or not. 

 Have you always wanted to travel?
 photo DSCF0213_zpsbf0a3d3e.jpg
turkey, aug 2013

long as I can remember I've been traveling — my aunt used to take my
sister and I on trips from a really young age so traveling has always
been in my blood. I can't think of a conscious choice to ever “want” to
travel, it's just been something I've always done and I can't imagine my
life without it!!

 What's your favorite place you've been?
 photo travel_zps957a794e.jpg
literally changes based on my most-recent trip (Iceland//Turkey!! wahhh) but I
think overall my favorite place to visit is Costa Rica. It was the first
place I traveled to internationally, I studied abroad there and I've
been back about eight times. The scenery is beautiful, the people are
the BEST and it has the best of all worlds!
 It's your last meal on earth- what do you choose?
 photo 90d16ccacec211e2aa6722000a9f393e_7_zpsd1fd4e04.jpg
Steak salad bowl from Chipotle. Chips & guac on the side. le duh!

Check out Kim's blog or bloglovin and visit her on twitter

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