There are so many blogs about blogging. There are even more posts about blogging. Why? Because we all want to know the secret. We all want to see how one person or blogger got their claim to fame, grew their followers, and created a brand that matters.

But you know what? Most of these people have no idea what they're doing.

I know. I know. Why should I make such a bold claim? And why in the hell do I think I know what I'm talking about?

Here's the thing, most bloggers aren't business owners. Most bloggers got their start because they got lucky. I am not one of those bloggers. I've been blogging for 4 years and have taken my background in social media and online marketing and applied what I learned “on the streets” and spent years and years perfecting my craft to figure out what works online.

There's nothing wrong with listening to people on how to blog, but sometimes they just didn't get it right.

Here's what you hear about blogging, along with why it's just so WRONG.

You need to post ____ many times.

There is absolutely NO formula. There are people who post 10, even 15 times a week that do very well. There are people that post once every other week. There are some that post even less. You have to do what works for you. There is no magic number. You have to do what you can stick to consistently while producing quality content. That's all that truly matters.


You need to pin on Pinterest at a certain time and a post about ONLY things in one category. 

 This is so false and makes my skin crawl! Pinterest even came out to say that nope, there is no one time. Why? Because they have a smart feed. So posting at a certain time doesn't really effect when you post. The Smart Feed means that pins with more engagement are seen at the top typically and found via search more easily.
Bonus: you don't need to be SUPER active on Pinterest. ByRegina is a Pinterest powerhouse and does not pin 243 times a day. She focuses on high quality pins with rich descriptions. I am a big believer in pin scheduling. I break down how I do that here.

You need to have a niche.

I've blogged about the nonsense of niches before, but it bears repeating. You do not need a niche to be successful. You can be successful with or without a niche. The main focus you need: quality. Write good posts, focus on a community, and you will do great.

Present great content with details, facts, and research.

While yes, these are great posts, they aren't everything. Blogs that keep it real and show me their life and personality are ones that tend to stick around. I think this goes hand in hand with niches. We want to read something relatable. And not stuffy. I guess what I'm really saying is that personality is still important, no matter what you hear.

You need lots of pageviews before you can start really making money or thinking about creating a product. 

 I recently read an article that told me I needed 14,500 followers before I could even think about selling a product or making money. While that number seems odd, there are many “stats” on what when we should or shouldn't do something. I say, do it now. Unless you have to spend TONS of money to make the money, you might want to put that on the back burner. But I've found dipping my toes in my crazy ideas either is a total win, or I learn a great lesson.

Your blog is your own version of success. You decide how it looks, what you share, and how you display your creativity. Yes, there are tips and tricks and tools that will help you succeed. But my advice is to be aware. Not everyone's ideas will work for you and not everyone really knows what they're talking about.

So focus on you. What you love. What makes YOU happy and passionate. That, is the best way to create a successful blog.

Any blogging prophecies you think are just plain wrong?

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