This isn't a country song. I'm not singing an ode a la Shanai Twain “You're still the One.” Or is that song just stuck in my head? Oh, it is just me. Okay.

So since Google Reader is gone most of us have turned to a different way to read blogs. Bloglovin, feedly, or just reading posts right from your blogger dashboard. Some pick them up from twitter or facebook and some just type in their favorite blogger's URL into their browser.
I have heard that many bloggers may delete their GFC count. What's the point anymore?
Well here's my take: keep it. You can follow bloggers by simply clicking that little blue “Join this Site” button and you just put a smile on a bloggers face.

Following via Google Friend Connect is great because you receive no notifications, no emails, no alerts, you are simply just showing support for that blogger.
Sure, you can go to your Blogger dashboard (if you use Blogger) and the people that you “follow” will all be there. But by “following” the blog with Google Friend Connect you are increasing that bloggers follower count without really doing much at all.
We, as bloggers, like to say we don't care about numbers. That's just a lie. If someone reads my blog and my follower count goes up, I get a little giddy inside. Someone is reading what I have to say, and appreciates it enough to want more?! That is important to me.
So that's why I still support GFC. So as long as it's there you will still see a little box full of pretty faces, because that makes me happy. It makes me feel like someone out there appreciates what I have to say. And that's why I blog.

What's your take on Google Friend Connect?

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