I don't have a bucket list, but if I ever get around to writing one, you can bet your bottom dollar that Australia will be on the list. It looks like an amazing place. But one thing I wasn't sure of: the music festival scene. What do they really jam to down under? Well today, I have Becky from Miss En Place taking my place (sorry, had to) today talking all about the music festival in Australia!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be hanging out on Helene's blog today! My name is Becky and I blog over at Mise En Place where I share recipes and food related everything along with my personal musings and rants. I'm a Canadian living in Australia and I have a secret for you, the Australian music festival scene is off the chain seriously cool. Here are 3 reasons to plan a trip to the land down under during festival season!

Australian Music Festivals

1. There's Something for Everyone

With festival season boasting 10+ popular festivals with big name acts there will be a festival to match your music tastes. Weather you like heavy metal (Soundwave) or Electro (Future Music), there is a festival for you! My personal faves are the indie alternative festivals like Groovin the Moo, Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival, or St. Jerome's Laneway Festival. I'm also dying to go to Bluesfest! Last year I was lucky enough to spend my birthday weekend at Splendour in the Grass, a 3 day festival with so many incredible acts like Flume, Mumford and Sons, Lorde, Passion Pit, Alt-J, and about a million more. Even our tiny town of Apollo Bay has the Apollo Bay Music Festival!

Australian Music Festivals

2. Triple J Rocks

If you haven't heard of Triple J, head over to their website right NOW and have a little bit of a listen. They play great music that you'd never hear on any top 40 station and are constantly collaborating with artists to bring you the latest music. They're huge in the festival scene and have a hand in almost everything, including their own “pop up” festival One Night Stand. Once a year, on Australia Day, they do the Triple J Hottest 100 which totally rocks. They run through the 100 hottest songs of the year, voted on by you and me! They have musical connections and influence like no other and bring in big and small acts from around Australia and the world. They also do something really rad called Triple J Unearthed where they find the best undiscovered Australian bands and bring them into the spotlight.

Australian Music Festivals

3. Sweet Songs in the Sunshine

Australia is hot, yeah? Well, in the summertime it is. Don't be fooled, Splendour in the Grass (which is in winter) is rainy and sometimes downright chilly. I wore leggings and a button down the whole time I was there, and seriously don't forget your gum boots (rain boots) because it gets muddy! No worries mate! Most of the festivals are held during summer where your biggest concern is sunburn, that Aussie sun is hot! There are a couple of camping festivals like Falls Festival and Splendour in the Grass and it is so great to be able to walk from your campsite over to the main stage. A great place to grab a sneaky drink, too! There are also tons of one day festivals like Homebake, Big Day Out (Both recently cancelled,boo!), Future MusicSoundwave and Sprung which are the ultimate all day party!

Australian Music Festivals

I hope I've convinced you to head down to Australia not only for the glorious accents, stunning beaches, and Vegemite, but also to hit up a music festival or two! Grab your flower crown and gum boots and meet me there, but in the mean time check out my Aussie adventures!

xx Becky

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