Instagram is a lovely invention. It's a break from the Facebook over-sharers. The tweets-a-lot. And the picture perfect Pinterest-er. It's by far my favorite social media app. But there are, of course, some rules. You just really should abide by these in order to have a happy and healthy Instagram account. Let's not let it turn into Facebook, OK?

The Unwritten Rules of Instagram:

1.  If you're over the age of 60, you can stay on Facebook. #NoMomsOnInsta.

2. You should have more followers than following.

3. Don't like something too soon. 3 seconds? That's a little quick.

4.  You should ALWAYS like your best friend's photos. No matter what the pictures depict. (Even if it's a selfie).

5. You're only as good as your last picture.

6. Don't use the same filter over and over again.

7. That grainy picture of God knows what is not something to upload.

8. You should have other apps to edit photos (see also, Camera +, Whitagram, and pic stitch to name a few).

9. You're not going to be on the popular page unless you are: a celebrity, half naked a lot, a fashion blogger, or a teenage cheerleader.

10. Use caution with instagram videos. Example of when caution was not used (watch out for my dance moves at the end):

11. #Don't #over #hashtag, #please.

12. If you get to 11 likes you can breathe easy. (In case you're unaware,
going from 10 to 11 means that the number of likes will show rather than
who liked the photo).

13. Thou shall not post 6 selfies in a row.

via mrpimpgoodgame.

14. Don't post too much. Leave some space between photos.

15. Not cool: Just commenting without liking.

16. Golden Rule: Stay off Instagram After Midnight. 

But like most things in life, it's more fun to break the rules. So do what you want. But really, chill on the hashtags.

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