It's been entirely too long since I've reintroduced myself on this blog. With some new faces and people popping up to read this blog, I wanted to do a quick “about me” for those of you that are new or old. Some tid bits you might not heard of before:

– I  really enjoy peeling my nail polish off. I know that my nails would last a lot longer, but instead I peel it off after a couple days.

– Michael and my dating anniversary is next week, we've been dating 11 years now! We celebrate this more than we celebrate our wedding anniversary. Is that bad?

– I hate driving. There are so many other things I want to be doing in the car, like dancing. Michael does the majority of the driving, so he expects that I do the navigating, but I get car sick…

– I'm currently listening to the new Justin Bieber album. Then I'm switching to Christmas music. I don't usually listen to it this early, but since I'm taking a trip to Asia for 19 days starting next week, I figured I need to get in the spirit now.

– Michael knows more about dogs than most people do. Right now we're watching a series called “dogs with jobs” about dogs that have different jobs like seeing eye dogs, drug dogs, etc. I cry every time. One day I'd like to start a charity for dogs.

– I don't drink coffee that much. If you follow me on instagram (@heleneinbetween) you see I have coffee often. It's because I put my diet coke in my coffee mugs. I know this makes me lame. But why have cute coffee cups if I'm not going to use them?!

– I'm a nail biter. I'm gross.

– I really enjoy dressing up my dogs. When I was visiting Dallas recently, I dressed up my parents' dogs too.

– For reasons I cannot figure out, this post is going viral on my blog.

– I once got chicken pox and wouldn't stop scratching the one above my eye. I now have a scar above my eye.

– I will correct you on song lyrics. I'm that girl.

– I wore heels for the first time in over a year at a wedding I was in. I remember why I don't wear heels.

-I'm a morning person.

– My favorite movie of all time is a tie between Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightly version) and The Sandlot.

– I've never watched the Real Housewives of anything or the Kardashians. Oh, I don't have cable, so that might explain it.

– One day I'd like to live in Europe.

– I've lived in both the T states (from Texas, now residing in Tennessee.)

– I'm an extremely emotional person. I cry at least once a week. Usually because of a commercial about dogs.

Hope you learned something new! Tell me something I don't know about you.

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