My growing up experience was one for the books, or the blogs, I guess. It was one of those childhoods that was the perfect mix of everything. I have my parents to thank 100%. I remember being in the front yard, dressed up in a sequined garage sale dress, singing show tunes as my Mom looked on, and my Dad, in his sweaty, holed out shirts, listened. I was the star of my own show for the first seven years of my life.

It was magical. 

That's why when Taylor announced a link up about reminiscing about childhood, I knew I was in. I'll take any excuse to talk about Baby Helene, because she was everything I wanted to be, and didn't have a care in the world.You'll notice in my title, I said, “I'm the type of kid who,” instead of past tense. Because I refuse to grow up.

The Daily Tay

I was the kind of kid who…

– Pretended I was a damsel in distress on my swing set for hours at a time. The prince was my dog, Atlanta.

– Constantly thinking about my birthday. And what my next birthday party would entail.

– Sang aloud to anyone that would listen. If you listened long enough I would ask you to please give me a dime for my time. I'm not kidding.

– Wore pink like it was going out of style.

– Lived on  Blue Bell ice cream and push pops.

– Would put on Lipsmackers just to taste it. And lick my lips constantly were chapped.

– Would walk to the pool and try to race any boy. If they won I'd tell them they probably cheated.

– Got in trouble in first grade for talking so much on my birthday that I had to sit in time out for the rest of the day.

– Had to wear braces all throughout high school, so I never smiled with my teeth. Ever.

– That would sell lemonade on the street. I did so well I started selling bracelets. Then I upgraded to a full scale lemonade, sweet tea, muffins, and plastic jewelry line.

– Would always be up for glamor shots.

– Was always scheming for my next business plan. This hasn't changed at all.