I'm a self-proclaimed morning person. I like the early morning hours and feel much more productive when I get up and get going. How you start your date determines how the rest of your day goes, so I try and wake up in a good mood. I've always been a little bit weird in that I like the mornings, while other people are groggy and irritated, I'm the opposite. Maybe it's genetic, my mom is a morning person, but regardless here are some of the easy ways I stay morning motivated.

Here are some tricks to becoming a morning person in 5 minutes or less! Also, without relying on caffeine alone.

How to Become A Morning Person (In 5 Minutes or Less)

1. I never hit snooze.
I know it's a hard habit to break, but hitting snooze isn't actually helping you.  Hitting the snooze button means you're “drockling“- you're falling in and out of sleep and you're shocking your system and throwing off your internal clock. Meaning, you won't be wake up naturally and it will actually make it harder for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Michael makes fun of me because I can fall asleep anywhere, I call it a gift.

2. I wake up at the same time everyday
I don't stick to this 100% because sometimes I use the weekends to catch back up. BUT, most of the time, and especially during the week, I set my alarm for the same time everyday. It helps me wake up and my internal clock thanks me.

3. I eat breakfast everyday.
We're on a time crunch in the morning. There's never enough time to do everything. But one thing I always do it eat breakfast. Even if it's just a bar I can throw in my bag, it helps me trun my brain on.

4. I don't turn on technology.
This was my hardest habit to break: wake up and immediately scroll through my phone. Now, I wake up, go to the bathroom, and stretch. I also open the windows which, apparently, is the “most powerful thing you can do to force your body away in the mornings.”

5. Work out
If I don't work out in the morning, it's likely I won't work out at all. There's something about getting up and doing it that helps me wake up and motivate my day. If I sleep in my workout clothes, I'm definitely going to do it.

6. My favorite steps to make my morning routine quick
Although I don't hit snooze, I don't get up that early. That's because my routine in the morning is super quick. I wash my hair the night before. I braid my hair in the morning, wear little (or no) make up. I make it super easy to get up and get moving. It also helps that I don't care how I look, at all.

Are you a morning person? How do you wake up?

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