About a week ago (if your mind immediately goes to Bobby Smurda's “Hot Boy” then congrats you've just found yourself a new best friend) I was really nervous to hit publish on my Ask Helene post. What if no one wanted to ask me anything? Well I did hit publish and y'all did ask me some questions (thank you). So I made a vlog to answer all of them.

Sorry it's long. I really tried to cut stuff out and be quick. But it's hard. I promise this video is at least somewhat entertaining. In it I talk about: my hidden talents, washing my hair (or lack thereof), the odd thing I can do with my tongue, and I might even shimmy a little. Also, skip to 3:32 for my fave question. 6:40 for my awesome talent with my tongue. Just trust me. 10:19 for my natural hair color. Oh and Millie makes a cameo in the video!

Thanks for watching and I hope you got to know a little bit more about me. And how weird I am.
Links I mentioned:
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P.S. My birthday blacklight party is this weekend. So you might want to follow along on instagram @heleneinbetween for all the antics!