I've had a lot of people ask me how life is going in my new city. And by a lot, I mean my Mom left a voice mail on my phone. I couldn't pick up because I was in the movie theater, by myself, seeing the new Zac Efron movie “We Are Your Friends.”

I went by myself since Michael and Millie are going on their first plane ride! I was nervous, but it went really well. (To see pics check my snapchat, username: helenesula). I was nervous about the plane ride, not the movie. I have no problem going to a movie by myself.
 Now it means a lot of Hugo and Helene time. Like this morning, when we went and grabbed Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. For the record, the added real pumpkin in it is delicious.

In case you're wondering, yes the movie was cheesy at times, but I loved it. First, it has Zac Efron, and second it's about electronic music. The music in the movie is really good, so it makes the story even more fun. Plus, they show scenes from Tomorrowland in the beginning. And there are multiple DJ cameos. Basically, it's as if they asked me what I'd like to see in a movie. I might have to add this one to The Definitive Ranking of Zac Efron Movies post.

As far as Nashville goes, I'm really liking it. I can say I am making friends (I went to a girl's night on Wednesday) but I'm also being a bit of a hermit. I always thought I was an extrovert. I like talking to people and I love meeting new people. But, I also love sitting at home. It makes me really excited to not have anything to do and just do what I want. I think this means I might be more introvert than I expected.

Basically I spend my life preparing and working on my upcoming webinar. I stay in my home office until at least 11pm, which is really late for me. This means Michael and I are super far behind on So You Think You Can Dance. Regardless, I found my new “stuff your face while you watch others dance sweatshirt.”

Nordstrom is having a 40% off sale and I stocked UP. Also, my online shopping habit is getting out of hand. Yesterday I bought six things at Forever 21 I probably didn't need but wanted to keep going until I got free shipping. HELP.

Oh, and here's what I bought:

TOP ROW: Ribbed Trapeze Top (on sale), Stretch Knit Trapeze Dress (I like Trapeze things?, also, under $15), Rise of Dawn Turtleneck Sweater (kinda expenzie for Forever 21 bu look how cute it is)
BOTTOM ROW: Dolman-Sleeved Dress (under $16), Lace Racerback Bralette ($8), Classic Knit Cami (under $2!)

Not to plug myself, but hey, this is my blog. The giveaway for a free webinar (priced at $157) is going on right here. Even if you don't win, you have a few more days to sign up! I promise it will be worth it.

So that's what's been going on in my world. What have you been up to lately?