Insta Stars are among us. It could be that ridiculously buff girl at the gym that's always taking selfies. It could be the local tattoo artist that wears a beanie in 101 degree temperatures. It might be your little cousin's best friend who happens to be an all star cheerleader. See, they're everywhere.

how to be instagram famous

Meanwhile, you're producing beautiful, engaging instagram pictures and no one cares. You're not getting the likes you deserve! But don't worry, I have the answer, or the secret, really. Today, is your lucky day.

Here's how to be Instagram Famous:

  • Post only photos of One Direction
  • Develop a cheerleading habit – don't forget to wear HUGE bows
  • Get adopted by a Kardashian
  • Be an animal
  • Make only duck faces that really just show your boobs with captions like “Beautiful sunset today” yet, no sunset is in sight
  • Live at a resort

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