It seems like Instagram is the new it thing. And frankly, I'm obsessed with it.
But how do some of these people get so many likes and followers?
How do they become Instagram Famous
AKA Instafamous?
Well I have a theory…
1. #Hashtag it
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It seems like almost every photo has about 4,000 hashtags. This helps your photos to be found more easily and it really junks up the screen. #Winning
2. Take Lots of Selfies. 
Really get up in your face with it. Maybe put a lil boob in there. That will help. 
3. Be a famous person already.

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Those seem to be real popular.
4. Food pics.
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People love to look at food. They are always hungry.
5. Dogs
Sorry not cats.
6. Post a One Direction Photo

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7. Lastly and most importantly, be a teenage girl, making a duck face. 
Instant success.

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