You know how I once posted about not having a blog niche? Well I do. Slightly. I like to make up drinking games for TV shows. Specifically reality TV but I did do one for Pretty Little Liars, so there's that.
In my opinion So You Think You Can Dance is the best show on TV.
First, dancing, duh. Drama, hilarious quotes, pretty people, eliminations, actual talent, did I mention dancing?

***UPDATED FOR 2015!***

The contestants and winners actually go on to do interesting things. Like be back up dancers for singers, teach dance to kids, become part of the show or be in hit movies like Step Up 3: Revolution. (Come on, that movie was good.)

The rules are simple, grab a glass and hold on to your seat. No dancing is required (but it is preferred).

Take a Sip When…
Cat Deely says, “Please Welcome Your…” and the audience answers “Judges!”
Mary Murphy Cackles (aka laughs)
Paula repeats what Jason or Nigel Says
When Team Street yells “Squad”
When someone on Team Stage is really good at hip hop
Cat Deely wears really high heels
Anyone mentions National Dance Day (it's July 27th by the way)
Nigel makes a dirty joke
Sonya Tayeh scares you

When a dancer falls dramatically to the floor
When you wish you stayed in ballet classes when you were six
Someone says that this is the best season yet

Finish Your Drink When…
Someone cries
Mary Murphy says a contestant is on the Hot Tamale Train
Lil' C is featured on the show
When the judges give a standing ovation

When there's a flash back
When YOU cry ( I always do.)

Any additions to the game?!