I don't know the last time I've had this much going on at one time ever. But I love it. Sometimes when you have a lot to do (I hate the word busy) it forces you to prioritize and figure out what matters. I think that's when I work best. Like prioritizing which horse to bet on even though you can barely understand the lingo.

Besides a major announcement coming to the blog (happening next week) there's been a lot of happenings in the Sula house. Michael fell off his mountain bike a month ago, which resulted in a dislocated shoulder and torn labrum. I've been working like a mad woman. And we had our 5 year wedding anniversary, 4 friends stay with us the last weekend in May, a 2 day break between that, then my parents in town, then the Kentucky Derby.

Michael leaned over last night and asked if I'd like to go camping this weekend.
The answer was a hard no.

To further prove my no camping rule this weekend, I got a surprise call from my dentist, letting me know that I need to get my wisdom teeth out this weekend. This is extremely nerve wracking as I was supposed to get them out 11 years ago (as Michael reminds me often) and now it has to happen. I'm slightly freaking out.

Michael has promised to share a video of me on Snapchat after surgery when I'm all loopy which I'm sure will be a real winner. (Username: helenesula).

A few things I've realized since giving multiple tours of Nashville this past month, I need to do more Nashville posts. (If you haven't check out my Ultimate Guide to A Weekend in Nashville, you MUST, I tried to put EVERYTHING in one place!) This city has so much to offer it's mind blowing. A few items of note:

The Ryman is maybe the coolest place to hear music ever. It's the original Grand Ole Opry, situated right behind the famous (or infamous) Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. Mom and I saw Bonnie Raitt and the show was insane. She brought out 3 surprise guests and I felt like I was in her living room listening to her play. Her keyboard player has played with everyone (Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix) and they did a tribute to Ray Charles – one of my favorite artists of all time. I cried, my mom cried, we danced. It was something to talk about (that's a Bonnie Raitt joke, right there.)

If you're a history buff (or just want to learn more about the state of Tennessee) you need to go to BiCentennial Park. You'll get a perfect view of the State Capitol along with an extremely well done history of Nashville. It's broken into a timeline that stretched the length of the park and it's complete with interesting tidbits of how music city came to be – dating back to the beginning of time.

Belmont Mansion and the University campus are stunning. Especially this time of year, the grounds are literally overflowing with flowers.

Lastly, although this isn't Nashville related, Michael and I attended our first Kentucky Derby. People said it would be fun and I just didn't have high expectations. But oh my goodness, we had a blast. I love the tradition of dressing up and wearing a hat, sipping mint juleps, and watching the races. It felt like I was stepping back in time. I will definitely go back again.

Ticket prices aren't too bad either. Michael and I didn't win any money, we only spent $20 on bets but we did win in finding some seats in the shade.

If you skipped to the bottom because you don't care about my life, it's okay, I totally get it. Although I'll have you know I'm sometimes interesting. Anyway… 


My hashtag: #photosinbetween now has well over 60,000 photos to date! I was so pumped about this and I knew I wanted to add a new hashtag to my Instagram arsenal. 

Your mouth might actually drop on the new one, even I was surprised this hasn't been used:  


Use this whenever you're feeling particularly bloggerly. Or when you have a new post, or whenever, wherever, we're meant to be together. Sorry, that's what Shakira says.

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