We made it! We are officially Nashville residents as of 5:32 pm on Sunday August 9th. And currently, I'm eating ice cream out of a wine glass because we unloaded everything last night but the only things we have of importance that are easily accessible are ice cream and wine glasses. Naturally.

The past week was spent saying our last goodbyes and scrubbing our house clean in the hopes that people would want to rent our home. Thankfully, we had more than 7 showings and 5 applications. We already found tenants that we think will love it (and won't completely trash our house).

It struck me as I left a tearful lunch with my best friend on Saturday, that I'm finally the one that's leaving. Because I've lived in Dallas my whole life, if anyone ever goes away, they're leaving me. I'm the one that says goodbye to them. I'm the one who dreams about what they might be doing and seeing in their new city. But this time, it was me and it felt totally different.

I thought I would cry the whole way to Nashville. But I didn't. I had the nervous, jittery feeling of something new, exiting, and wonderful. And it wasn't even because I was pounding Diet Cokes like there was no tomorrow. 

Because our property wasn't ready, we stayed the week at my parent's house where they spoiled us. Finally, on Sunday, we loaded up the pups and the car and headed on the road. We drove through Dallas one last time, and I only let one tear slip I merged onto the freeway.

We drove through Arkansas, stopping in 111 degree temperatures in Little Rock, then hitting Tennessee, where we passed a welcome sign in Memphis.

The 10 hour drive (with stops) really wasn't too bad. I listened to a book on Audible (almost finished it!) Then, we unloaded our cars and the pups.

It was the very first time seeing our house and we were pleasantly surprised! I think it will be just perfect for our little family.

Now, the unpacking begins. Send ice cream.

I know that I've been tearful here and there, but I can already tell this was a great decision. I can't wait to start exploring this city and do something totally new.