I'm currently in Nashville, trying to find a new home and attending the largest fireworks show in the country. Don't mind me.

Every week during the instagram challenge I like to share my favorite photos so far. But because I'm trying to piece together everyone's AMAZING photos (seriously, I'm blown away) I'm going to give you some tips on making the most out of the #31PhotosInBetween challenge.

– Click on the hashtag and interact with others using the hashtag. That means liking, commenting, and even following ones you like.

– Stay up to date with the challenge by saving the prompts on your phone. Take a screen shot, or go to my instagram (@heleneinbetween) to check out what the prompt is everyday.

– Take your profile off of private! If you're private you can't connect with the others and others using the hashtag can't see your pictures.

– This is NOT just for bloggers. Encourage anyone to participate and share the fun.

– You don't have to do exactly what the hashtag says! Use your creativity, we'll all be inspired by what you do.

-Miss a day? No big deal! Jump back in!

– Want to learn how to take great pics? Check out how to take better pics with your Phone.

– Need the full list of prompts? Check them out here! It's easy to remember which day we're on since it goes by the calendar. Today is July 4th which means we're on prompt 4, “Let Freedom Ring”.

– Don't forget to use the right hashtag: #31PhotosInBetween (not days in between!) and not #30PhotosinBetween- like the last challenge.

– It's never too late to join, jump on in whenever!