I'm so excited!! It's time to announce all the prompts for the second round of my instagram challenge: #31PhotosinBetween. Instagram Challenges are my favorite. When I'm stuck on what to post I feel like I can draw inspiration from a prompt. The April Instagram challenge was my favorite month on instagram. I felt like I started more of a community, gained real followers, and found new accounts to follow. The feedback I heard from you guys was similar, so I knew a second instagram challenge was necessary.

july instagram challenge

Last time we had #30PhotosInBetween, since there are 31 days in July the hashtag is: #31PhotosInBetween

1. Cool, calm, and creative
2. Up, Up, and Away
3. How I See It
4. Let Freedom Ring (not everyone is American, but everyone has some National pride, so show it!)
5.  #HowISummer
6. The Furry Folk
7. The time is now
8. Some Like It Hot
9. #PrettyLittleThings
10. My kind of night
11. Oh Thank Heaven
12. Cozy
13. Monday Motivation
14. What I'm Reading
15. #ThatsDarling
16. Thirsty Thursday
17. I scream, you scream
18.  Hey there, sunshine
19. #NeverStopExploring
20. Caffeine O' Clock
21. Bursts of Blue
22. Eye Can't Believe It
23. Throw Back
24. #FromWhereIStand
25. It's a party
26. Hair of the Dog 
27. Color my world
28. #OnMyDesk
29. Pink your very much
30. Shake it off
31. How Sweet It Is

Some notes about the challenge:
– All prompts are completely up to your interpretation. For example: “Some Like It Hot” could mean a steaming hot cup of tea, a sweaty run, or watching the 1959 Marilyn Monroe movie, Some Like It Hot.

– Do whatever you want! Don't have a photo that matches the prompt for the day? Who cares! You can still use the #31PhotosInBetween Hashtag. The goal is get you to post for 31 days straight and find others in the community. 

– Anyone and everyone can join in, whether you blog or not!

– Make sure your account is public so others can see your photos.

– Stay up-to-date with the challenge by saving the photo above or the prompts below on your phone:

– You don't have to post everyday- jump in and out whenever!

Be sure to follow along with me: @heleneinbetween and I look forward to starting the challenge! I'll be sharing some of my favorite photos every week.

To kick things off, (and because I won the Best Blogger of Dallas yesterday) I'm giving away ya InstaMix camera! These are super handy for taking snapshots of your life. Enter in the rafflecopter (bonus entries on my instagram page! @heleneinbetween!)

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Can't wait to see you on instagram for #31PhotosInBetween 

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