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This week I am bringing it back to last Summer when I went to Amsterdam.
I always want to say Amster-dayum.
Because I'm weird.

So we went to Amsterdam immediately after we attended the Tomorrowland festival.
Sleep deprived, we hopped on a train from Belgium to Amsterdam.

My husband Michael and our friend Josh bought the only NON free map and the biggest one I've ever seen, to find our hostel.
I had never stayed in a hostel before and I was a little freaked out.
I heard stories of getting lice, and dirty, nasty showers, and worse things like getting killed.
But it was perfect.
Our room was mostly girls and very friendly Canadian guys and most of them were even younger than us.
We dropped our bags off, rented some bikes and went to explore.

Our first stop: Rijksmuseum.
The museum is famous for it's Rembrandt and Vermeer art.

My favorite painting: Rembrandt's the Night Watch.

Next we went to the I Amsterdam sign.

My favorite part of the visit was just biking around.
Sure, it's known for legal weed and prostitution. But Amsterdam is gorgeous. It feels like you're in a small town full of bikes and windmills. We even stumbled onto one of the oldest cementaries in the Netherlands!

After cruising around, that night we went to the Red Light District.

If you're unfamiliar, prostitution is legal in Amsterdam.
The women are standing in windows knocking on the glass trying to get you to come in. 50 Euro for half an hour.
What's surprising is how beautiful they are. Sure, you can tell they've been around the block. But they are attractive. But since it's all “safe,” the women go through testing to make sure they don't have diseases. And since it's legal there, maybe there's less corruption? What do I know.

The next day we shopped for wooden shoes and tulip bulbs. (Side note- we bought 50 tulip bulbs to plant at home and for gifts for our parents. They were sadly confiscated at customs 🙁 and the wooden shoes were all that came back.)

We then ate the best pancakes I've ever had in my life at the Pancake Bakery and went to Anne Frank Huis.

This was the place that Anne Frank hid before the Germans captured her.
It was an amazing tour and if you ever go, make sure to make reservations before hand. You can wait in a line for hours, but we just hoped on in.

One of my favorite parts of the trip is when we started talking to a guy from New Zealand who said “You work 40-50 Hours a week?! That's criminal!”
I need to move to Europe. I like their schedules.

I'll leave you with some of my favorite photos:

Looking over at the sunset.
A Canal

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