Isn't it weird how we latch on to things so quickly and wonder how we could have possibly lived life without them. For a terrible, overused example: smartphones. How did I go to the bathroom without a phone to stare at while peeing? Admit it. We all scroll through our phones while on the toilet. And if you don't then you're a liar or just have a lot of thoughts rolling in your head.

Currently, I'm on a cruise ship, but I wanted to update you with what I can't get enough of lately.

I decided that one of my New Year's resolutions was to wear lipstick everyday. I'm doing really well with that. But now I find myself purchasing more lipstick. Berry and pink and my top hues and anything with a matte finish. If it's Maybelline, I probably have it. But lately I've been loving Rimmel's Provocalips and Wet and Wild's “Fuschia with Blue Pearl”. They are really pretty together. And they're cheap. So win, win.

I've become a full fledged hipster gypsy and I can't get enough rings. Michael makes fun of me, but I really don't care what he thinks. Most days I'm wearing no less than 3-7 rings.

These are all from Forever 21. Exact ones, here.

People kept telling me to get on there and now I finally am. I love that I can see what my friends are reading and their reviews. I have no idea why I wasn't on it before. I don't really know how to be friends on there… but find me!

Speaking of reading, I recently blogged about is listening the same as reading? I'm sticking still to my answer. The newest trend is podcasts. I love it for my drive or when I'm cooking dinner. Like everyone else, I was hooked on “Serial”. Now I'm listening to “This American Life.” I'd love to hear your suggestions of what to listen to next.

What are your current obsessions?