When I start listening to a song that I really like, I can get a little obsessed. If you follow me on Spotify it's pretty easy to see. As Nina called me out on this the other day, I had Disclosure on repeat. It's a real problem. I can listen to a song over and over again, trying to soak it up.

So here are my current song obsessions.

1. Steve Aoki “Boneless”

Can Steve Aoki really go wrong? The answer to that is no. This song is infectious with a pumped up beat anyone can get down to.

2. Disclosure “F For You”

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Well I cannot stop listening to Disclosure. After seeing them live the other weekend I now have a permanent crush on these boys.

3. Bingo Players “Cry Just A Little”

Paul Bäumer, one half of the Bing Players duo recently passed away after battling cancer. Lucky for us he left a legacy with this great track. Good news, Maarten Hoogstraten, the other half of Bingo Players vows to continue making music.

4. Martin Garrix “Wizard”

You know Garrix for his hit Animals and Wizards is just as irresistible. This kid (yes, he's a kid, he's 17 years old) is here to stay. 

5. Showtek “We Like To Party”

Perfect party anthem or song to have on repeat. Currently not on spotify, but hopefully they'll get their act together.

6. Deniz Koyu “Ruby”

This 6 minute track is worth the full play. It just keeps getting better and better. It really makes you want to get down around 1:30. Then totally switched it up. 

Do you have any current obsessions?

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