Time is always my reasoning for why I don't read enough. “I'd really love to read that, but I don't have enough time.” I know, it's a bad excuse, but it's all I've got. I've always loved listening to books. It's something I do when I'm in traffic or making dinner or while I'm working out. Just recently I've listened to: This is Where I leave You, Think Like a Freak, Gone Girl, and I'm currently listening to The Girl on The Train.
So I wonder, does listening to a book have the same effect as actually sitting down and reading the page? Do you retain as much when listening? I decided I wanted to find out.

For me, personally, I do sometimes realize I've wandered off when I'm listening. I start paying attention to something else. But that also occurs sometimes when I'm reading. My personal dialogue takes over and I remember I need to go to the grocery store.

I did some research, and apparently listening and reading are very similar. Reading and listening comprehension are correlated. Basically, if you read books well, you can listen well too. However, when people are polled, they said that they believe they retain more when they read.

I looked at probably 25 different articles trying to get the cold, hard facts. But the truth is, it's really based on opinion. People that listen to the books say they really get a good grasp of the book. Those that are avid read-only people tend to disagree.

Bottom line: I think you can listen to a book and retain as much as you read, you just have to really pay attention. You have to actively listen and engross yourself as much as you would with a book.

What do you think? Can you get as much out of a book by listening to it?

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