Do you ever feel the need to put things on paper (or on a blog) so that you can remember what happened or what's going on in your life currently? Well I guess I do that daily. But
there are a few things lately that I am loving, hard.

If you didn't know, I love to dance. I'm very passionate about it. I'm not saying I'm the best dancer by any means but if hear a good song chances are I will break it down. Hip hop is my go to. The new dance craze “The Nae Nae” is my obsession. I made Michael watch me do it in the living room last night. I don't know what it is but this dance is cool and I want to dance like this, please.

Not only do I want to learn the dance but I actually take the time to learn where the dance came from. In case your wondering it was invented by WeAreToonz and it's loosely based off of Sheneneh Jenkin's character from the show “Martin”. Classic. Here's the official choreography lesson in case you want to learn. Which you should…

Dressy flats/sandals. I can't wear heels anymore. I just can't do it. My ankle swells up (I feel rock climbing last year and have a lot of metal in there so it swells easily.) Plus I want to be able to do the above: dance. With pretty shoes I can still hit the dance floor while being shoe appropriate.
I did my toenails myself, thank you! These shoes are from Fibi and Clo and I got the “Smoke Cascades.” I even wore them with my dress when I was a bridesmaid this weekend! They're very high quality and so different from any shoes out there. I'm thinking I also need these, because really, you can never have too many shoes. 
I recommend sizing up, I'm usually a 7 1/2 and I got an 8 and they fit perfectly.

Disclosure. I saw them months ago when they came to play in Dallas. But I listen to at least one of their sogns at least once a day. Usually more like 10 times. This song, “You and Me” (the Flume remix) is my current craving.

It's the perfect summer song. Windows down, driving in the warm weather, not a care in the world. The way this song builds and electrifies you is really amazing. Can you tell I'm in love? Is it weird to be in love with a song?

Packing. It might sound odd to be obsessed with packing but that also means I'm going somewhere. This weekend I was in Austin for a wedding and on Wednesday I'm heading to Miami for a cruise. I like to think about everything I need beforehand and then go shopping for things I just really want. Like a new swimsuit. I'm loving the high-waisted swimsuit bottoms that really cover my butt. Lord knows I need to cover that up.

Lastly, sleep. I never hit snooze. Or I never used to. I cannot get enough lately. I'm really getting old.

What are you currently obsessed with?

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