My Most Embarrssing Moment – #Blogtober14 Day 29

In the 8th grade I had the confidence most 21-year-olds have on their birthday after 5 buttery nipple shots. Despite my slightly crooked teeth, (that would later be fixed by braces that I would wear until November, senior year of high school) my dishwater dull blonde hair, and the height of a 5th grader; I was fairly self assured. This mainly came from my theater teachers who praised my undying love for singing show tunes and acting timid as the lead role in Cinderella.
I went to a Catholic school and every Friday we went to All School Mass. I looked forward to the hour away from class and would situate myself near my best friend and slightly behind the pimply faced boy I had a crush on, so I could day dream about him as we spoke-sang the Our Father. But towards the end of 8th grade, all theater kids were to audition to perform in the end-of-the-year performance at church. We would be congratulating our priest for winning the NCEA award. What that was for, I'll never know. But I knew the entire school, parents, and even the bishop were invited to attend, and it was my time to shine.
I auditioned, and along with 7 other 8th graders, made the cut. I rehearsed after school for weeks before the performance. I practiced my kicks in the mirror at home. The day of the performance I wasn't nervous- just ready to win the hearts of all those around me. Maybe I can get a gig out of this, skip high school, and move right on to the Disney channel or Nickelodeon. I'll pick up a steady drinking habit along the way, if necessary.

The audience hushed as the piano teacher struck the first note. We walked down the aisle of the church. Top hat cocked, we began to sing the words “NCEA” to the tune of YMCA. Classic.
I looked out into the audience with a surge of adrenaline. The kick line started, but I was in my own world. Front and center, I continued on with the song, though this was the musical break. The piano teacher was so thrown off by my singing that she stopped playing and the crumpled noise of the piano ceased as wide eyes gazed over me. Then I noticed- I was still singing.
After a beat, I stepped forward, removed my black top hat and took a bow. I scooted back in the kick line and nodded at the piano teacher to begin again.
After the performance was finally over, I hid from the crowd in the choir room behind the altar. The priest and award winner found me and seeing my red, tear-streaked face said, “Well, you got what you wanted.” I looked up, puzzled and dismayed. “Honey, you stole the show.”
I wiped my tears, put back on the top hat and walked out with my head held high.
Every time I make a scene, I remember, at least I'm the star of the show.

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Helene in Between Blogtober
Helene in Between Blogtober




Haha! What an enjoyable story! Wish I had that kind of confidence now!

I admire your confidence! I was a dancer since age three and could dance in front of a crowd for days, but sing in front of people? No way!! Mostly because I'm most likely tone deaf. Actually that's almost a given. I'm terrible. The fact that you continued singing when everyone else stopped and had the wherewithal to take a bow – girl, you are a star in my book!!!

Fabulous!! I totally would have done the same thing. Mortifying but so worth it! Congrats on stealing the show!

LOL, I'm 33 and don't know think I have that much confidence!

That self confidence is what I pray for for my daughter.

So cute and funny!! Love, love the last line…:)

You steal that show, lady!!!

Ok I am glad this happened to you and not me

Hahahahah… I love that you tipped your top hat!

I love everything about the story but the best part is that it involved a top hat…….see girl you were just born to be a star 😉

That's really an amazing life lesson he taught you.

Haha, you were meant to be a star! Not completely the same, but at one of my piano recitals when I was younger, I was playing the Titanic theme song, and I completely forgot the transition that leads to the conclusion of the song… not knowing what to do, I just played the song over again and winged it hahaha! I think most people could tell, but I did get a medal out of it!

LOL!!! I wish you could have posted a video for this one! Can we turn back time so I can attend this your….your show?? Love it!

This is awesome! I love how you kept your confidence!

Love this story! I think it's great that you can sing. If I sing, people cover their ears.

Look at the star power! My dance teacher always said "If you're going to mess up, mess up BIG"!
~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

Aww poor thing, but at least you showed some confidence in belting it out!

You were always meant to be a star, my friend! 🙂

awesome share, thank you for that

Lol, great story:). You walked out with your head held high too, so at least there is a moral in it! No matter what you've got to strut :). Happy Wednesday!

This is pure writing gold. Especially the first paragraph.

Oh my gosh, that is awesome! I love it! You are a star, girlie. 🙂

Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

You are my hero! haha that's so awesome 🙂

Hahaha…that's actually a pretty bad one! At least you have a good perspective on it. I desperately wanted to be on All That as a kid, so I can totally relate with your desire to be on TV.

Haha, you are definitely the star of the show! I always tried to hide on stage, so I would not have the balls for that.

Well you dealt with your moment with aplomb!

This is amazing, I would have hidden for days if that happened to me!

Link up is broken so until then: http://shjo.uk/1E0p2lB

I love that you were so outgoing and confident! In 8th grade I was so timid and afraid, I'm sure I would have died of embarrassment!

This is a great story! Wish I had that kind of confidence now!

Oh who needs a dance break?! 🙂 Such a great story. And I feel like even if you're super confident, middle school is such a terrible place that everything is super amplified. It was your moment to shine! 🙂

Awh poor thing! This sounds like something from a movie!! I love that you've always been so confident.

wow wow wow.. great self-taught lesson!

Lol, great story! I wish I was that confident when I was younger – all girls should be! ~Ree

Haha love this, this is the kind of confidence all girls need!

The Link up isn't working 🙁 I'll check back later, but until then:

I LOVE your story, sounds like you did indeed steal the show!

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